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Health experts propose adjusting age limit on organ donation law

As of early October this year, after 31 years of organ transplants and 13 years of retrieving organs from brain-dead donors, the country has performed nearly 8,000 organ transplants.

Dead-brain man donates organs, saving four people

A 32-year-old man with brain death due to a traffic accident donated his heart to revive a patient in central Huế City while his liver and two kidneys saved three other patients in Hanoi.

Rigid regulations impedes organ donation, transplantation for children

The law on donation, removal and transplantation of human tissues and organs and donation and recovery of cadavers has been effective from 2006, creating a legal corridor and providing life chances for many people suffering from serious diseases.

Doctors transplant lung of 31-year-old brain-dead engineer in thorax of 50-year-old man

Vietnamese doctors had to spend 10 hours to transplant the lung of a brain-dead man into the thorax of another man, and then spent many months to maintain the lung and ensure his survival.

Barriers exist for people to donate their bodies to science

Hanoi Medical University over five years received more than 1,000 letters expressing people’s wish to donate their bodies after death, but it actually received about 10 bodies.

Vung Tau family donates son's organs to save four people

After Mr. T. died in a traffic accident, his family in the southern city of Vung Tau decided to donate their beloved son's organs to give life to others.

The last words a mother said to her son, an organ donor

“My dear P, don’t be startled. If you wake up, you will feel pain. Please step in Heaven. On the two sides of the path to it, I will sprinkle flowers,” To Thi Anh Hong said to her dead son.

Mother meets recipient of son’s heart

Truong Thi Nhuong, 71, from Hai Duong province, who has long wanted to meet the person who received her son’s heart, has been granted her wish.

Young PhD promotes organ donation registration to save lives

With his health and job in good condition, a young lecturer at the HCM City University of Forestry and Agriculture with a doctorate registered to donate his organs after death to convey the message that ‘giving is forever existing’.

The promise before death of the man who donated his organs to save 10 people

There were many things the married couple planned to do when they were united, but these never happened because of an accident that killed the husband.

Over 650 Buddhist monks, followers register for blood, organ donation

More than 500 Buddhist monks, nuns and followers registered for blood donation while 150 people put their names on the list of organ donors at a festival in Hanoi on August 4.


Grave shortage of children organ donation in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – It’s 7am at the kidney dialysis room at the Children Hospital 2 in HCM City and the crowd of parents with their children has become a familiar sight to doctors.

Vietnam still in need of tissue, organ donation

 The number of people registered for tissue and organ donation has remained very small and fails to meet the nation’s demand for organ transplants.

Making life and death meaningful in minutes

... Filling up a form in this room requires a confrontation with the inevitability of one’s death, something that most societies discourage, most of the time. A feeling of insecurity and fear is not surprising at that point.

Two hearts beat as one on organ donation

Le Huu Toan and Tran Nguyen An Khuong have a shared vision on organ donation. Both young men have signed up as organ donors and recently undertook separate biking trips across Viet Nam with the hope of ‘spreading the message

Mekong Delta: Poor selling kidneys to pay off debt

 VietNamNet Bridge – In the last two years, many poor people in the Mekong Delta City of Can Tho have sold their kidneys. They typically receive VND100-150 million ($5,000-7,000) for the organ.

Obama signs bill for HIV organ donation

 U.S. President Barack Obama signed into law Thursday a bill that allows scientists to carry out research into organ donations from one person with HIV to another.

Tissue, organ transplant faces difficulty due to lack of donations

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese hospitals have performed 900 kidney transplants, 23 liver and 9 heart transplants so far, while the number of patients who are in need of organ transplant is tens of thousands.