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Many travel companies of Vietnam are taking actions to make use of the rebound of tourism in Japan in recent months after the Japanese Government eased entry restrictions.

Many countries open for Vietnamese travelers

Taiwan (China) has reissued Kwan Hung visas, or e-visas, to Vietnamese travelers since November 11. Thailand, South Korea and Japan have also applied open policies on visas and entry procedures for Vietnamese tourists.

Vietnamese tourists of five people enjoy visa exemption policy

Vietnamese tourists in groups of five or more in designated travel companies will enjoy the visa exemption policy at Yangyang International Airport in South Korea’s Gangwon Province with a maximum stay of 15 days from June 1, 2022.

Outbound tourism services need more attention as Vietnamese demands increase

Developing outbound tourism is important for tourism businesses as well as meeting increasing demand.

Tours to Korea, Japan heat up tourism market

As Japan and South Korea further ease COVID-19 border entry regulations for foreigners, local businesses are confident in the growth of tourism.

Explore timeless destinations in Melbourne with Bamboo Airways

Travel lovers can now explore the mesmerizing beauty of Australia’s garden city – Melbourne, with nonstop flights of Bamboo Airways on a weekly basis.

Outbound tourism bouncing back strongly: tour operators

While inbound tourism is taking time to find its feet after Vietnam fully reopened its orders, outbound tourism has been bustling, industry insiders say.

Vietnamese tourists rush to travel abroad

After the full reopening of the country to foreign visitors, the inbound tourism needs more time to develop while outbound tourism has been so busy a few weeks ago.

Solo tourism booms in Vietnam

Solo tourism allows travelers to choose itineraries and destinations without being bound by extended schedules or escorts.

Vietnamese keen on traveling abroad

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam, with increasingly high income per capita, has become an attractive market targeted by foreign travel firms.

Vietnam emerges as major tourism market for countries

VietNamNet Bridge – The outbound tourism grew roughly 20 percent per year in the past five years and Vietnam has become the source markets of the tourism industry of many countries.

Vietnamese people spent $3.5 billion on overseas tours

VietNamNet Bridge - In 2012, about 3.5 million Vietnamese traveled abroad, of which China alone attracted 1.1 million Vietnamese visitors.

In crisis, people celebrate Tet in home cities, air tickets unsold

VietNamNet Bridge – Numerous air tickets for the flights to depart on Tet days from HCM City to Hanoi, Da Nang and Vinh City have been left unsold. Meanwhile, more air tickets for the flights at non-peak hours have been put on sale.