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Japan has decided to welcome the return of Vietnamese visitors from September 7, according to information given by Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Yamada Takio.

Vietnamese tourists prefer 5-star India tours

Indian tourism has many advantages to attract Vietnamese tourists compared with Japan, South Korea and China, including an e-visa policy, simple immigration procedures, and a large number of direct flights.

Travel firms in HCMC resume outbound tours

A number of travel firms in HCMC have resumed outbound tours after the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) announced the removal of restrictions on air passenger transport.

Tours to DPRK expected to boom after US-DPRK Summit

VietNamNet Bridge - Leaders of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) say Vietnam could become a transit center that connects people who want to travel to DRPK.

Outbound tours getting cheaper thanks to new direct air routes

VietNamNet Bridge - Young Vietnamese are increasingly choosing outbound tours for their holidays as the tour fees are getting cheaper.

Vietnamese travelers making more trips to Japan, South Korea

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has become the fastest-growing market for Japan and South Korea’s tourism.

Beach tours popular this summer: travel firms

 VietNamNet Bridge – Travel firms in HCM City are offering a wide range of outbound and domestic tours including to many new destinations with attractive promotions during the upcoming summer holiday.

Vietnamese spend big money on shopping during overseas trips

VietNamNet Bridge - Reports have found that the amount of money Vietnamese travelers spend on shopping overseas is higher than the fees of their tour packages.

Travel firms earn big money from outbound tours

VietNamNet Bridge - A report from the Vietnam Tourism Association showed that 6.5 million Vietnamese traveled abroad in 2016 and spent $7-8 billion. Spending per capita was $1,230 on outbound tours, an increase of 15 percent over 2015.

Vietnamese spending more money on travel

VietNamNet Bridge - The lucrative tourism market is being exploited massively by domestic and foreign travellers through internet-based tools. 

Foreign travelers on sharp rise, putting pressure on tourism infrastructure

VietNamNet Bridge - As the number of foreign tourists continues to grow at a high rate, travel firms have been advised to disperse travelers to many tourism sites to avoid overloading.

Tourism sector faces pressure from growth targets

VietNamNet Bridge - To fulfill the GDP growth plan in 2017, the tourism sector needs to attract 13-15 million foreign travelers this year, or 3-5 million more than the last year. 

Vietnam to catch up with Thailand in 15 years: tourism minister

If the high growth rate of international travelers in the last two years can be maintained, Vietnam’s tourism could catch up with Singapore in two years and with Thailand in 15 years.

It's now easier than ever for Vietnamese to travel abroad

VietNamNet Bridge - More and more Vietnamese travelers are choosing outbound tours instead of traveling domestically as the tours are getting cheaper.

More Vietnamese prefer traveling abroad

Vietnamese now tend to prefer outbound tours instead of domestic ones as it has become less costly to travel abroad and foreign agencies are more professional in promoting tours. 

China tours cancelled after East Sea skirmish

 VietNamNet Bridge – Although package tours to China have risen by 40 per cent this year, travel agencies are now seeing many of those tours cancelled because of the tension in the East Sea between China and Viet Nam.

VN travelers offered preferences to go abroad

 VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of countries in the world have offered attractive preferences in administrative procedures and tour fee discounts to lure Vietnamese travelers.

Outbound travel firms say tickets in Tet hard to find

 Most of the travel firms in HCMC have prepared for oversea tours for the Lunar New Year holiday but it is not easy to buy tickets of international flights during the biggest festive season.

Travel firms earn huge revenues from domestic segment

VietNamNet Bridge – Domestic tourists, including those buying domestic and outbound tours, have generated much bigger revenues for travel firms than those earned from the inbound tourism segment,

Outbound tours rise sharply at Tet

 VietNamNet Bridge – The outbound tourism segment achieved sharp growth around the Tet holiday, outperforming the domestic segment, said big travel firms in HCM City.