The National Public Service Portal (Photo: VNA)

More than 2,800 administrative procedures have been available on the National Public Service Portal which was launched in December 2019.

To date, the portal has recorded some 112 million visits, and nearly 452,000 accounts. It has settled over 840,000 dossiers, dealt with over 10,000 reflections and petitions, as well as handled more than 50,000 calls to its switchboard.

Particularly, the e-Cabinet system has served 27 Government meetings, and handled 674 e-papers collecting cabinet members' opinions instead of issuing over 240,000 document in paper.

The National Reporting Platform and the Centre for Information and Directions from the Government, which were integrated into the portal last year, have connected with the reporting systems of 14 ministries and agencies, and 37 provinces nationwide. They have provided data of 105 out of 200 socio-economic criteria to serve the Government’s direction, while developing infographics on the local socio-economic situation for regular Government meeting.

As part of the efforts to build the e-Government, the National Public Service Portal was put into use, helping create a professional and transparent working environment.  VNA

Administrative reform sees good progress but weaknesses remain

Administrative reform sees good progress but weaknesses remain

The government’s 2011-2020 master program on the state administration reform has come to an end.