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Institutional reform seen as solution to ‘lagging behind’

‘Lagging further behind in economy’ has always been one of the four major concerns about the country’s development.

Cumbersome procedures destroy creativity

Principles and regulations are set to serve development, but, ironically, many of them have become obstacles that hinder development.

Businesses complain about state bureaucracy, administrative burdens

Many businesses say state officials are not enthusiastic in solving enterprises’ problems and don’t even take applications to at least discover the enterprises’ problems.

The ‘resignation culture’

Favorable institutional conditions should be created for individuals to correct mistakes and continue to strive for mastery and advance in their careers, even if they resign.

Salary reform for public sector needs to be accelerated

Former Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Tran Dinh Hoan once said that Vietnamese ministers would be paid US$1,000 a month by 2000 (VND20 million at that time). However, the current pay (in 2022) is only over VND10 million.

Too many barriers will cause businesses to fail

The goal of developing 1 million businesses by 2020 has failed. The biggest challenge lies in the business environment.

The cities/provinces that top Vietnam's rankings

Hanoi, HCM City and several other localities can be proud of always being at the top of rankings on budget collections, FDI attraction, competitiveness, and people’s wealth.

Administrative procedures are simplified but remain troublesome

Despite encouraging achievements, administrative reform is still not a strong driving force for business environment improvement.

Under-the-table fees still plague businesses, more transparency needed

The 2021 report on provincial competitiveness index (PCI) released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on April 27 showed that unofficial fees are on the decrease, but remain common in some spheres of state management.

Preventing monopolies, eliminating cronyism: how to improve the business environment

A more open mechanism is needed to create resources and driving forces for socio-economic development amid the safe and flexible adaptation to the pandemic.

Making online public services easier to use

Vietnam has marked an obvious advance in providing public services. Instead of going directly to state agencies for marriage, birth, land use right and temporary residence registration, people can now sit at home and follow procedures online.

Hanoi removes 28 administrative procedures in investment

Hanoi’s authorities have decided to remove 28 administrative procedures in the field of investment.

‘Stagnation disease’: staff planning also a factor

As mentioned in Part 1, stagnation has taken root in many fields, and personnel work, especially cadre planning and rotation, is no exception.


The 'pain' of administrative procedures

If public agencies consider the work of people and businesses as their own, the number of complaints about administrative procedures will decrease.


Contract enforcement, bankruptcy filings stall because of lack of regulations

Vietnam’s judicial agencies seemingly cannot catch up with business environment reform. Two judicial indicators – contract enforcement and business bankruptcy – have not seen considerable improvement.

Gov't and PM working group reach important milestones after five-year term

The Prime Minister’s working group has made outstanding milestones in the last five years, making a significant contribution to improving the business environment, boosting Vietnam’s prestige in the international area.

Over 2,800 public administrative procedures go online

More than 2,800 administrative procedures have been available on the National Public Service Portal which was launched in December 2019.

Administrative reform sees good progress but weaknesses remain

The government’s 2011-2020 master program on the state administration reform has come to an end.

Hundreds of administrative procedures connected to National Single Window

The National Single Window had successfully connected 200 administrative procedures of 13 relevant ministries by the end of August, in addition to processing over 3.2 million records and more than 40,000 enterprises.

Time to eliminate the household registration book: NA deputies

The insistence of National Assembly deputies on removing the household registration system, or ho khau, as it is called by Vietnamese, shows their great determination to remove the paper that is limiting civil rights.