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HCMC plans to collect nearly VND800bil in road, pavement usage fees per year

With the collection of road and sidewalk usage fees scheduled to begin on January 1, 2024, Ho Chi Minh City estimates that it can collect close to 800 billion VND (32.89 million USD) annually, serving the upkeep of these facilities.

Hanoi's roadway and sidewalk leasing plan needs careful consideration

The management of roadways and sidewalks needs to be done carefully with high public consensus and having to choose the right time.

Rampant sidewalk encroachment in HCMC

As many other provinces and cities across the country, Ho Chi Minh City has tried to restore order to the sidewalks, securing the original function of the sidewalk as a pedestrian area, but the effort turns out ineffective.

Shopkeepers back paving for rent idea, but doubts about feasibility remain

Drastic measures have reclaimed the sidewalks for pedestrians, and Hanoi is considering a new project to lease sidewalks to shopkeepers.

Hanoi sidewalks: More meaningful than just space

Nowhere in the world does the sidewalk offer such bustling social spaces as in Hanoi that contribute in part to Hanoi's culture.

Well-known American brands sell pizza, fried chicken on pavements

Instead of luring customers to shops, American fast-food brands nowadays are looking for customers by selling pizza and fried chicken on pavements as sales have dropped during the Covid-19 pandemic.