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The Law on Personal Income Tax aims to create fairness in all incomes of society.

E-commerce platforms to be connected with tax agencies from next year

E-commerce platforms must be electronically connected with tax management agencies from the beginning of next year, not from next month, as the tax watchdog aims to better collect taxes from sellers operating on the platforms.

Collection of tax from online business becomes easier

More and more Vietnamese individuals with businesses online have declared tax and paid personal income tax.

Vietnamese-made games now played around the world

To create a level playing field and help Vietnamese develop games reach the world market, it is necessary to have more reasonable policies, experts say.

Vietnamese mobile app creator reports revenue of $14 million in 2020

The Cau Giay district taxation agency in Hanoi has reported that a 28-year old woman earned revenue of VND330 billion, or $14 million, in 2020 and paid personal income tax of VND23.4 billion.

Hanoian girl pays over VND23 billion in income taxes on app development

A 28-year-old girl from Hanoi last year paid VND23.4 billion (over US$1 million) in income taxes from her app development job, according to the Hanoi Tax Department.

Tax cuts proposed for SMEs to accelerate growth after COVID-19

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has asked for corporate income tax (CIT) to be cut for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by half this year in an effort to boost growth when the COVID-19 pandemic eases.

VN Finance Ministry proposes 5-month extension of VAT and land rent payment for businesses

The Ministry of Finance has submitted to the Government a five-month extension of value-added tax (VAT), personal income tax and land rent fee payments for those affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.


Vietnam Finance Ministry plans relief for taxpayers

A higher disposable income as a result from the adjustment would boost household spending and economic growth, said the Ministry of Finance.

Taxation agencies try to collect tax from YouTubers, Facebookers

Taxation agencies struggle to find individuals who have income from YouTube and Facebook, but have had some recent success.

Vietnam vows to force YouTubers to pay tax

The tax rate that Vietnam levies on YouTubers is 7 percent, much lower than other countries.

Personal income tax rates out of date, need amending

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) says that personal income tax (PIT) rates have become out of date after six years of application and need amendment.

Foreign experts favor Vietnam labor market: survey

Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign workers because of the high post-tax income and low expenses for accommodations and meals.

Phu Quoc Island projects lay idle

More than 100 hospitality and entertainment projects on Phu Quoc Island with the combined pledged capital of around $6 billion have been licenced, but few have been carried out due to underdeveloped infrastructure and the high cost of labour.

FDI firms exploit tax loopholes

VietNamNet Bridge – A number of foreign enterprises have been accused of avoiding corporate income tax when selling shares to other companies.

Four singers with tax arrears of more than VND1 billion

 VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City Tax Department has collected an addition of over VND1.3 billion of personal income taxes from five well-known artists.

Celebrities earn high income, pay low tax

VietNamNet Bridge - According to the latest report, by April 11, only 44 out of 210 artists who were invited to go to the tax offices to make personal income tax declarations have performed this duty.

Low-income earners receive tax relief

 VietNamNet Bridge – People with monthly taxable incomes of VND5 million (US$240) or less will be exempted from personal income tax for the last six months of last year.

Economy may worsen this year, says VASS

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s economy may further worsen this year if there are no drastic measures adopted right now, according to the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences (VASS),

President announces laws on tax, corruption

 VietNamNet Bridge – President Truong Tan Sang announced nine laws, three resolutions and one ordinance last Friday, Dec 14.