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Cybercriminals redirect attacks towards individuals

Experts say cybercriminals are shifting part of their attacks towards individuals with malware, impersonation attacks and even campaigns spreading fake brand-name messages.

Citizens warned of cyber-attacks with phishing

Traditional security measures using software can now no longer stop cyber-attacks and phishing, which are increasing and more serious.

Phishing attacks still occurring at same rate

There are many reasons why cyberattacks, especially phishing, continue. One of them is poor awareness of users about information security.

Singaporean firm spots phishing campaign targeting Vietnamese victims

The Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Group-IB has spotted a mass-scale phishing campaign targetting their clients by impersonating 27 Vietnamese financial institutions.

Facebook Vietnam discovers forgery scams that aim to steal passwords

The scam of tagging people in forged articles about traffic accidents to steal passwords has been discovered by Facebook.

New phishing scam: forging articles of prestigious newspapers to steal Facebook accounts

Scammers link to well-known online newspapers and news websites to raise people’s curiosity and then use their tricks to steal Facebook accounts.

SMBs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam among top targets of phishing in Southeast Asia

Phishing is on the rise with more than 1.6 million attempts to transfer users to phishing pages via links within e-mails blocked by its software in the first six months of the year, global cybersecurity company Kaspersky reported.

Facebook, social networks abused by phishing attacks

Social networks, including Facebook, have become the ideal environment for cybercriminals to seek profits by phishing.

Vietnamese lose Facebook accounts after watching unlicensed movies

Many uers are invited to log on to a website with their Facebook accounts to ‘watch high quality movies’. As a result, they have lost their Facebook accounts.

Banking sector faces client ‘confidence crisis’

VietNamNet Bridge - Commercial banks, which have suffered because of huge bad debts, have had to deal with another problem – the ‘confidence crisis’ caused by a series of recent phishing attacks.

Vietnam’s e-commerce overshadowed by VND500 million phishing case

VietNamNet Bridge - A series of phishing attacks in which bank account owners lost billions of dong have cast a shadow on Vietnam’s e-commerce market, estimated to have total value of $4 billion.

Vietcombank card holder loses VND500 million in phishing attack

VietNamNet Bridge - Security experts confirmed that the attack was a phishing case, but also said the victim had accessed a fake website and lost a password.

Vietnamese hackers suspected of attacking Anonymous’s web chat

VietNamNet Bridge - A group of Vietnamese teenagers allegedly were involved in the attack on the webchat of Anonymous, a notorious group of hackers.

Phishing increasing in Vietnam

 VietNamNet Bridge – Experts have continuously warned about the increased phishing in Vietnam, but Vietnamese have turned deaf ear on the warnings.

Vietnam has highest phishing rate in the world

In the latest survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab, in 2012, 37.3 million Internet users worldwide became victims of phishing. Vietnam is among the countries with the highest number of phishing victims.