At the conference (Photo: SGGP) ảnh 1

At the conference (Photo: SGGP)

The public security departments of major provinces and cities seized 400 kg of heroin, 300 kg of synthetic drugs, 800 kg of kinds of drugs, two kg of marijuana, 32 guns, 340 bullets, and many related items.

The statement was made at a conference to review the "For Homeland Security" emulation movement in 2023 which was held on November 23 with the participation of Major General Cao Dang Hung, Deputy Office Chief of the Ministry of Public Security.

The movement themed “Building truly clean, strong, regular, elite and modern People's Public Security Forces” and directed by the Police Party Central Committee and the Ministry of Public Security, the Party Committees, People’s Councils, and People’s Committees of provinces and cities, the police forces of the five localities had good performances in preventing and crushing all plots and acts of hostile forces and criminals to protect the country’s political security.

The Ministry of Public Security honored 4,392 collectives and 18,248 individuals for outstanding achievements in the "For Homeland Security" emulation movement.

Source: SGGP