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New generation of entrepreneurs emerges

In Vietnam, the 100 largest family businesses contribute up to 25% of the country's GDP, according to data from the Vietnam Chamber of Trade and Industry (VCCI). Succession has always been a great concern of previous generations.

Vietnam needs powerful corporations: economist

If VN can develop national enterprises into powerful large corporations to act as pillars of the economy, the country will take off and prosper, economist Tran Dinh Thien told VietNamNet on the occasion of Vietnam Entrepreneurs’ Day (October 13).

Big names bet on IPO frenzy in international markets

Major Vietnamese conglomerates are contemplating plans to offer their shares on foreign exchanges to scale up their financial soundness and place their brand on the world stage – a process which continues to be easier said than done.

Private sector plays key role in post-pandemic recovery

Vietnam's emerging and dynamic private sector proved its resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic as it helped the country become one of the few countries to obtain positive growth in 2020. 

Vietnamese billionaires enter global billion-dollar game: Risks and benefits

The ambition of Vietnamese billionaires is no longer limited to revenue and profit. New directions have opened and ambitious Vietnamese entrepreneurs aim to enter the global game.

Korean chaebol and lessons for Vietnamese family corporations

It has become common for many Vietnamese entrepreneurs to give senior management positions in their businesses to their children, gradually creating a business continuity tradition in private corporations in Vietnam.