The waste treatment plant has stilled failed to deal with the pollution


Quang Phu Industrial Park is home to 32 enterprises. In 2012, the province invested VND42 billion to build a 4,500 cubic metre per day waste treatment plant during the first phase.

However, the waste treatment plant has still failed to deal with the problem which has existed for many years, and the local residents are outraged.

On the evening of May 7, hundreds of residents in Quang Phu Ward set up barricades to prevent trucks from transporting goods into the park.

Local Le Thi Y, said that over the past week, people living near the industrial park have had to put up with such a bad smell from the waste that they had to keep their doors closed.

"We’ve informed the issue to local authorities, but nothing has been done to improve. The majority of the industrial park’s waste comes from seafood processing firms and they are not treated properly,” Y added.

Nguyen Thi Xi said the pollution becomes worse at night and early morning.

"Sometimes, we can smell the waste while eating meals, particularly in the hot weather. We have had to suffer this for many years,” Xi noted.

Pham Tan Hoang, chairman of the provincial people’s committee, admitted the problem.

"Since 2017, Quang Ngai People’s Committee has asked the plant’s investor, Quang Ngai Service, Business and Investment Ltd. Co. to tackle the pollution. But the situation has not yet improved,” Hoang said.

He added that the committee will continue urging the company to solve the issue. Dtinews