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Vietnam discovers 158 new species during 2021-2022

Vietnam discovered 158 new species during 2021-2022, according to a report recently released by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Female professor pushes boundaries, blazes new trails

When there is enough love and passion, there will be no limit for women in doing scientific research, said Professor, Dr of Chemistry Le Minh Thang, who has spent two decades teaching and studying petrochemical technology.

NASA astronauts to take part in first Vietnam Space Week

Vietnam Space Week will be held in Hậu Giang and Bình Định provinces and HCM City from June 5 to 9.

Vietnam NASA Space Week takes shape on the horizon

The first-ever Vietnam NASA Space Week will be held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hau Giang and Binh Dinh provinces in the South from June 5-9, heard a press conference on May 29.

Vietnam promote application of AI in hydrometeorology

Applying artificial intelligence in the hydro-meteorological sector is essential, said Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh.

Two Vietnamese scientists receive awards of FAO, IAEA

Two Vietnamese scientists received awards by the FAO and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for their work in plant mutation breeding.

Vietnam has highest rate of new digital service consumers in SEA

Vietnam had the highest rate of new digital service consumers in the Southeast Asia region last year, it was reported at the recent World Mobile Broadband & ICT 2021 conference in Hanoi.

Abnormally tall 11-year-old boy diagnosed with Marfan syndrome

An 11-year-old boy from Thanh Hoa province was taken recently to E Hospital in Hanoi because his family was concerned about his abnormal height and long fingers and toes, as well as a protruding chest.

Over 5,100 cyber-attacks hit Vietnam in 2020

As many as 5,168 cyber-attacks were recorded on information systems in Vietnam in 2020, a year-on-year decline of 0.15 percent, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications’ National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

A nod to the history of IT in Vietnam

A 25sq.m room in a busy residential area in Hanoi owned by a 70-something researcher serves as a museum offering a close look at the history of information technology (IT) in Vietnam.

Why does YouTube tolerate 'unhealthy' videos?

NTN Vlogs and Hung Vlog are just a very small part of the big community of content producers who are making money for YouTube every day.

Digital government: Vietnam’s national focus strategy

The ITU Digital World 2020 conference, to open on October 20 in Hanoi, will gather representatives from many countries.

Vietnam shifts from outsourcing to making its own products

With a focus on becoming the best place for technology firms, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) said Vietnam will shift from doing outsourcing to making its own products.

Study on development of children born in vitro by 'freeze-only' method published in international journal

Fertility and Sterility is an international journal for obstetricians, gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, basic scientists and others who treat and investigate problems of infertility and human reproductive disorders.

Facebook accounts vulnerable to Vietnamese hackers

The account of the former footballer Ivanovic has been appropriated by Vietnamese hackers, raising concern about the security of Facebook accounts.

Vietnam has comparative advantages in digital transformation

Vietnam has great potential, which will help digital transformation proceed quickly and with fewer risks than many other countries.

How should wind power be developed in Vietnam?

Around 12,000 MW of wind power has been added to the national power development plan, which has raised concern about the overloading of the transmission grid.

‘Make in Vietnam’ Vsmart Aris 5G mobile phone in international press

News about the launch of Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone made in Vietnam by VinSmart has appeared in Forbes, The New York Times, Reuters and The Star.

Ca Mau aims for sustainable development with nuclear technology

Following successful cooperation with Quang Ngai province, the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (Vinatom) has begun cooperating with Ca Mau to solve local problems with nuclear engineering and radiation technology.

Vulcan prosthetic limb opens up new opportunities for amputees

A Vietnamese startup is manufacturing prosthetic products for amputees at reasonable prices.