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Company head detained for illegally exploiting, consuming rare earth ores

The Ministry of Public Security said it was conducting a specialised investigation to clarify illegal acts in the exploitation, processing and consumption of rare earth ores and iron ores of Thai Duong Group Joint Stock Company.

Vietnam’s largest rare earth mine set to begin operations

The Dong Pao rare earth mine in Lai Chau Province, covering over 132 hectares of land, is expected to become operational soon, after 10 years of suspension since it was licensed.

Rare earth upsides can help beckon foreign capital

Vietnam can utilise its abundant reserves of rare earth materials to lure in high-tech foreign investments.

More cooperation needed to develop rare earth industry in Vietnam

The applications for rare-earth element products have developed strongly in recent decades, especially in the field of agriculture in which they are used to create clean, safe, and effective agricultural products.

Vietnam’s rare earth not attractive to industrial powers: scientist

Many countries, including Japan, once showed interest in Vietnam’s rare earth materials.


Vietnam to export rare earth minerals, faces competition with China

According to experts on geology and minerals, Vietnam's rare earth reserves are large, but have not been exploited effectively or exported.

Vietnam sets out green ambitions with bold targets for solar, rare earth

Vietnam plans to more than triple the amount of electricity it produces from renewable sources and push for a 26% increase in household solar energy usage by 2030, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc told Reuters in an interview.