The advantages of these energy sources are being clean, available in nature, not causing pollution and not running out.




The development of renewable energy such as wind, solar power, hydrogen will be an inevitable trend to create clean, low-cost, stable and environment friendly source of energy, said Tran Anh Tuan, Secretary of the World Energy Council

It takes hundreds of millions of years to obtain fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas to form so they are considered to be non-renewable energy. With the development of science and technology, more and more alternative energy sources have been found.

According to a newly-released survey in 100 countries about energy usage and energy technology trends conducted by the World Energy Council, small capacity vehicles such as taxis, passenger cars, pickup trucks will be powered by electricity by 2040. Vehicles that have high capacity such as heavy trucks, buses, trains, ships, planes will use hydrogen fuel.

Secretary Tran Anh Tuan said an effective energy solution had been selected by more than 100 countries and became the solution having the biggest impact on energy usage by 2040. That solution will save power in production and living as well as renovate technology in manufacturing to save electricity.

“What technology will have the biggest impact on the way energy is produced by 2040? Energy storage devices will be the first one. Experts explained that energy storage would be a game-changing factor for the energy industry by 2040,” Tuan said.

According to experts, the dominant energy technology in the future will be energy storage devices, solar panels, clean hydrogen and wind energy. The advantages of these energy sources are being clean, available in nature, not causing pollution and not running out.

Hydrogen, for example, is a source of energy for the future because it has large reserves, does not generate emissions and can be stored in many forms such as gas or liquid. It can be also transported in long distances and easily converted to other forms of energy.
Hydrogen production technology from water electrolysis has been commercialised and applied in many places.

Dinh The Phuc, director of the Department of Energy under the Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises, said there needed to be mechanisms to encourage the development of renewable energy to ensure transparency and balance between socio-economic and environmental benefits. It would be necessary to develop financial support mechanism such as loans with preferential interest rate, tax incentives to promote green and clean energy development.


Renewable energy - human progress

Renewable energy - human progress

The world cannot develop sustainably if people continue to put rivers and forests in harm’s way to develop hydropower plants. Fossil fuel resources are becoming exhausted as they are being overexploited to serve thermal power plants.