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Energy development – strategic task towards industrialisation

Developing energy is a strategic task to realise the goal of industrialisation and modernisation.

Renewable energy to become a trend

According to experts, the dominant energy technology in the future will be energy storage devices, solar panels, clean hydrogen and wind energy.

Electricity shortage in Vietnam anticipated, price increase considered

The solution of using electricity from oil-run power sources will increase the production cost by VND14 trillion, which will put pressure on electricity prices.

Ninh Thuan to upgrade transmission network for solar power use

The tardiness in upgrading electricity transmission networks is expected to cause big losses to solar power plants in Ninh Thuan.

Vietnam supports private investment in electricity transmission lines

Allowing private investors to develop electricity transmission lines is expected to be the best solution to settle the electricity shortage.

Vietnam to amend laws to welcome power transmission projects

The Electricity Law states that the State holds a monopoly in power transmission. But Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung explained that this means a monopoly in management only, not investment.

Economists suggest using private capital for power transmission lines

Private capital is the best solution for upgrading of power transmission lines, which have traditionally been funded by the state.

Experts warn of technical problems when developing solar power in Vietnam

With limitless potential, solar power is expected to become the solution for Vietnam to ease reliance on fossil fuel. However, after four years of mass deployment, many problems have arisen, including environmental risks.

Wind, solar power plants cannot sell electricity

Responding to the state’s call, private investors have poured money into renewable power projects, but problems remain.

High risks for late entrants to solar power

Solar power developers will be able to sell electricity to EVN at the high price of VND2,086 per kwh for 20 years only if their plants become operational prior to July 1.