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Central banks brace after new Fed move

Central banks across the globe have announced their recent rate hike in a bid to tame inflation, but market watchdogs predict that the tempo of rate rises is starting to slow down.

SBV governor's reponse to questions on draft on anti-money laundering

A draft has been drawn up to amend the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering 2012. It is going through stages of scrutiny and debate in the National Assembly before becoming law.

State Bank of Vietnam alleviates market pressures

The State Bank of Vietnam adjusted several operating interest rates last week, with the move deemed necessary in the context of a strong USD and increasing domestic pressure on interest rates and exchange rates.

Central bank says real estate loans restricted to ensure safety for banks

Vietnam’s central bank governor has said real estate loans are being restricted to protect commercial banks and control inflation.

VN central bank takes supportive stance to finance firms

State Bank of Vietnam has lifted caps on credit growth to boost credit to the economy as firms need bank loans to scale up production towards year-end.

SBV aiming to harmonise monetary market players

The State Bank of Vietnam is attempting to stabilise lending rates while also mobilising credit institutions to continue reducing operating costs and support both individuals and businesses.

Vietnam commits banking sector’s stability amid SCB negative rumors

Negative rumors regarding the Saigon Bank (SCB) caused people to withdraw money from the bank ahead of the maturity dates.

VN central bank shifts up interest rates to combat US Fed adjustments

After the State Bank of Vietnam implemented the new operational interest rate on September 23, all joint-stock commercial banks, with the exception of state-owned ones, have adjusted the deposit interest rate for most terms.

USD surges to VND24,000, US$1.7 billion withdrawn from circulation

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) withdrew nearly VND41 trillion ($1.7 billion) through open market operations as the US dollar rose to over VND24,000 on September 26-30, 2022.

State Bank of Vietnam drains VND57.6 trillion from market

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) withdrew a net amount of VND57.6 trillion from the market to keep liquidity in the banking system scantly sufficient, which is an apparent move to buoy interest rates.

State Bank’ rate hike necessary to defend VND, control inflation: ADB Country Director

ADB Country Director Andrew Jeffries has talked on the recent interest rate hike by the State Bank of Vietnam in the context of the Fed, ECB and a number of countries raising their rates to curb inflation.

Will ample supply ease exchange rate tension?

What came as a surprise is that after two stressful weeks, the foreign exchange rate on August 29 showed signs of stabilizing though the U.S. dollar climbed further on global markets.

Commercial banks allowed to expand room for credit

About 15 commercial banks have just been allowed to expand their credit limit by 1 percent to 4 percent by the State Bank, but this time expansion has not satisfied the market's thirst for capital after a long wait.

VN State Bank raises selling price of USD to VND23,700

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) decided to sharply increase the selling price of the US dollar by 300 VND to 23,700 VND/USD on September 7.

Vietnam's central bank reduces intervention on open market operations

The open market operations (OMO) have been more stable this month after the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) reduced its intervention in the market.

VN central bank to tighten lending with stricter standards

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is mulling over stricter lending regulations, especially to finance purchases of properties and stocks, according to inside sources.

Interest subsidy vs monetary loosening

Some recent reports have indicated that the monetary policy of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is not in sync with the global trend.

State Bank of Vietnam unwilling to dismantle credit room

The mechanism of granting credit room for each commercial bank is often called an administrative order by experts and it was proposed to remove this mechanism five to seven years ago after banks made new strides in the restructuring process.

FED raises interest rates, VN central bank gives message about exchange rate

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has affirmed that it will apply a flexible monetary policy amid global uncertainties.

Central bank stands ready to pump more foreign currencies to market: official

The State Bank of Vietnam will increase its interference in the foreign currency market and stay ready to pump money to the market more frequently.