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Parents tend to rely on school in educating their children, and don’t understand that family plays a very important role in children’s maturity.

Vietnamese parents uncomfortable about children’s early sex initiation

While the majority of Vietnamese prohibit their children from having sex at an early age, others are more open and do not consider this to be a moral problem.

Experts call for earlier sex education classes in schools

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese students begin to have lessons about sex education and sexual abuse in the fifth grade, but many teachers think this is too late.

Student sexual abuse goes unreported, students scared to talk: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Sexual abuse cases discovered recently show that Vietnamese students lack knowledge about the issue and do not know where to go for counseling.

Vietnamese parents more willing to talk to kids about sex, gender issues

VietNamNet Bridge - Instead of avoiding talking about sex and gender, Vietnamese parents are increasingly providing knowledge on these issues to their children.

Parents advised to begin sex and gender education at early age

Alarmed about the increasing adolescent abortion rate and the average age of the first sexual experience, experts have urged parents to begin giving sex and gender education lessons to their children at an early age.

When should sex education be offered to Vietnamese children?

VietNamNet Bridge - Psychologists say puberty is occurring at an earlier period due to adequate nutritional conditions and environmental effects, and, as a result, sex education lessons at school are necessary.

New education program calls for reform in sex education

Under the draft general education program, students would begin receiving sex education from the first grade. 

Lessons for sex education to be included in new textbooks

VietNamNet Bridge - The news that a seventh grader and her parents only knew about her pregnancy on the day she gave birth has rung the alarm bell over Vietnamese students’ lack of sex education.

Warning about students’ sexting gives parents a start

VietNamNet Bridge - A survey conducted of nearly 1,000 students from secondary schools and Hanoi University showed that 15.2 percent have sent erotic messages and images to others through phones, called ‘sexting’.

Educators debate on when sex education should start

VietNamNet Bridge - Some psychologists believe that sex education must start when children are three years old, but some teachers believe that this is not suitable for an Asian country like Vietnam.

Farmer turns down $1,500 offers for giant chicken

 Farmer turns down VND30m offers for giant chicken; Expressway crack repairs completed; Two men caught drug trafficking in Laos; Bodies retrieved after boat crash; Youth urge access to sex education; Don Sahong dam would block river

Local youth need sex education

 VietNamNet Bridge – Health experts are warning against increasing unprotected sex activities as young Vietnamese people are becoming more open about sexuality than ever before.

Parents, educators argue about value of sex-education lessons

 VietNamNet Bridge – While parents and educators both agree that it is necessary to teach sex education in primary school, they cannot agree on the way to do it.

Sex education: Breaking the gap between teachers-students

 VietNamNet Bridge – Straightforward, honest sharing between teachers and students. That, say experts, is the most effective means of helping students confidently approach sex and reproductive health in the right way.

School love: teens need sex education

 VietNamNet Bridge – Student psychology is becoming increasingly complex. This fact requires schools to change sex education methods.

Three's a crowd for many VN families

 VietNamNet Bridge – No-one in Huu Nghi Hospital in Ha Noi knew that nurse Nguyen Anh Lan was pregnant until she gave birth to her third child early this year.

Teachers still shy of sex education

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many parents have left sex education to teachers despite education authorities struggling on how to discuss the topic.   

Adults are the…barrier to sex education

The policy on saying “no” to pre-marriage sex and the scrutiny kept by parents and teachers are the biggest barriers to the sexual health education to minors.

Tragicomedy about student-mothers

After several times of having sex without being pregnant, Cam was sure that she was infertile. Until her stomach grew up, she still thought that she suffered from flatulence...