VietNamNet Bridge - Managers of large conglomerates are believed to pocket hundreds of billions of dong worth of dividends this year. Many of them have been leading simple lives and doing big business.


The news that Hoa Sen Group (HSG) decided to pay a dividend of 75 percent to shareholders opened this year’s dividend payment season. 

A report released in late 2015 showed that Le Phuoc Vu, president of Hoa Sen, holds 20.7 million HSG shares. Besides, he also indirectly holds 20.3 million HSG shares more through two subsidiaries - Tam Hy Co Ltd and Hoa Sen Investment & Tourism.

Vu’s wife, Hoang Thi Xuan Huong, holds 10 million HSG shares through Tam Thien Tam Co Ltd.

As such, Vu and his wife are holding 54 million HSG shares, both directly and indirectly, and they will receive VND135 billion in cash and 27 million more HSG shares in dividend in 2016 (VND2,500 per share).

Managers of large conglomerates are believed to pocket hundreds of billions of dong worth of dividends this year.
With the current market price of VND34,000 per share, Vu and his wife now own the stock assets worth VND1.84 trillion. This does not include the dividends worth hundreds of billions of dong they receive every year and  money from the investments in many other business fields.

However, Vu is well known as leading a simple life. He is a Buddhist and a vegetarian, but is still very ambitious with the plan to develop Hoa Sen into the regional leading sheet metal and steel conglomerate.

Nguyen Thi Mai Thanh, chair and CEO of the Refrigeration Engineering Enterprise (REE),and her family members expect to receive VND38 billion in cash this year and 5.7 million REE shares which is priced at VND25,000 per share in the market.

Owning assets worth trillions of dong and earning tens of billions of dong every year, Thanh still works hard at REE, the enterprise which has injected money into refrigeration engineering, real estate sector and financial investments.

The prosperous year 2015 of Vinamilk, the ‘fat milk cow’, promised attractive dividends for its shareholders. Mai Kieu Lien, Vinamilk’s CEO, expects tens of billions of dong in dividend, while other institutional shareholders receive trillions of dong.

The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC), an institution which invests in businesses with the state’s money, can receive VND1.8 trillion in cash and 90 million bonus shares.

Nguyen Duc Tai, president of MWG, the computing device distribution chain, expects to receive VND34 billion in dividend for the 22.6 million MWG shares he is holding.

Other businesses have also promised high dividends for shareholders following a prosperous year 2015. Doan Xa Port plans to pay the dividend of 50 percent, while Cadivi, a cable and electric wire manufacturer, plans 30 percent and Dam Sen Water Park 36 percent.