Update news SOEs

The world is changing, and many great opportunities have opened up for Vietnam. However, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), which have the greatest potential, cannot take advantage of these opportunities.

Equitization of State-owned enterprises still going slowly

Due to the slow progress of equitization, the scale of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in the economy is still very large, accounted for 7% of total assets and 10% of equity of all enterprises in the market.

Slow equitization of State-owned enterprises

The Ministry of Finance has stated in its recent report that the equitization process of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) has been taking place very slowly and therefore has not achieved its set target.

State-owned enterprises - good and bad

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) have not been able to fulfill their leading and motivating role in the economy and lack a strategic vision to develop and participate in global value chains.

Vietnam needs drastic SOE restructuring: experts

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai has signed a decision to deepen the restructuring of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in 2021-25.

Equitisation and divestment move slowly

Although relevant policies have been put in place, the process of equitisation and divestment of state capital is still moving at a very slow pace.

Vietnam aims to have 7 world-class state-owned corporations

The world is changing, with many great opportunities opening up for Vietnam. However, Vietnamese state-owned corporations, which have both financial and human resources potential, are unable to reach out to the world to seize these opportunities. 

Full financial reports of SoEs not submitted: Finance Ministry

According to experts, many SoEs which used to make significant profits and contributed to the State budget, have become burdens on the economy when their investments caused losses of trillions of dong.


Market looks for new sources of goods as divestment from state enterprises proceeds

The situation changed in a positive direction when the stock market and and stock prices went up. This will enable divestment from SOEs and the equitization process to take place more easily.


Little progress made on salvage of 'infamous twelve' failed mega projects

Little progress has been made to salvage the 'infamous twelve', a series of failed mega economic projects under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade,

Private enterprises lack internal strength and driving force to develop

How will Vietnam overcome challenges to realize its development plans? Nguyen Dinh Cung, former head of Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), shares his perspective with VietNamNet.

Leaders grapple with core function of SOEs

Vietnam’s moves to reform and boost the performance of state-owned enterprises is just the latest in a long line of adjustments over the years, 

Plans afoot to aid fortunes of state-owned enterprises

Acall has been made for Vietnam to revise the regulations on the management and use of state capital in enterprises to create state-owned groups that can operate more effectively and contribute more to national economic development 

Finance ministry turns to stock market for greater transparency in SOE equitization

This would be the first step for Vietnam’s state firms to list shares on international stock exchanges.

Capital market must work to invigorate SOEs

Developing the capital market will help in promoting State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to mobilize capital and reduce the proportion of commercial credit loans, and diversify in forms of mobilization to supplement capital.

Ministry proposes special policies for large SOEs

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed special policies for large State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to make them spearheads in key industries of the economy.

Three state-owned economic groups covered by pilot policies

The State plans to hold 100 percent of charter capital in only four holding companies: PetroVietnam, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) and Viettel.

Do the Vietnamese still have a chance?

If you want to get over the rapids, you must first get off the boat. Will the next decade reach the goal of industrialization without success?

One project fails, three CEOs prosecuted

The Thai Nguyen iron and steel project phase 2 has been left idle for many years, bringing about the dismissal and prosecution of high ranking managers of Tisco (Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel JSC) and VNSteel (Vietnam Steel Corporation).

No SOEs equitised in five months, Gov't's plan likely missed

The rate of equitised State-owned enterprises (SOEs) for the 2017-20 period has remained at 28 per cent for several months, the latest update from the Ministry of Finance shows.