Nguyen Tuan Ninh, head of the Cadres and Civil Servants Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs 

Nguyen Tuan Ninh, head of the Cadres and Civil Servants Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), commented that some civil servants and public employees have become disheartened and discouraged. They don’t dare try to innovate or be creative, and just try to keep themselves safe.

Asked by VietNamNet about the compilation of a decree on encouraging public employees "to become dynamic, creative, dare to think and dare to do, dare to make breakthroughs for common benefits", Ninh said his ministry will do this in 2023.

“In our department, we also discuss what innovation means. Innovation covers many fields. Therefore, we will continue carefully and thoroughly to obtain the goal of building reasonable and effective mechanisms that encourage cadres to dare to think and dare to do, dare to take responsibility and dare to make breakthroughs for the common benefit,” he said.

The most important thing is having policies that encourage cadres to promote their intelligence and capability, and to boldly propose ideas when implementing tasks, so as to obtain best possible results.

“Some cadres dare not innovate and be creative. They just try to stay in the ‘safe zone’,” he said.

While encouraging cadres to think, take action and be responsible, it is also necessary to restrict the abuse of the policy to carry out or cover up embezzlement, negative phenomena and violations of Party regulations and State laws.

“During the study process, we will try to design a decree which suits the practice and can be soon brought into life,” he said.

Asked why many cadres still break the laws and are disciplined after appointment, though the appointment underwent a strict 5-step process, Ninh said the Party admitted that the assessment of cadres remained weak. 

The Central Organizing Committee recently advised the Politburo to issue Decision 80 dated August 18, 2022 on the decentralization of cadre management, introduction and appointment of cadres; Regulation 50 on cadre planning; and Directive 16 on cadre planning.

“The Politburo and Secretariat have focused on perfecting the guidelines and policies on personnel work. MHA is giving advice to the Government on amending and supplementing some regulations,” Ninh said.

The ministry is building a decree that amends five decrees on personnel work and cadre and civil servant recruitment.

“We have been assigned to reconsider and check the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants, and the Law on Public Employees, and some related laws in 2023 so as to propose the National Assembly for amendment and supplement,” Ninh said.

Thu Hang