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Over 200 civil servants found violating alcohol limit

A crackdown on driving under the influence of alcohol found 232 violations by officials, public servants, or civil servants.

HCMC to pilot hiring management personnel to reduce workload

Ho Chi Minh City will pilot a model of hiring management personnel to reduce pressure on civil servants in state organizations who will concentrate on their important duties.

Talents don’t want to be civil servants in Hanoi, scientists say goodbye to HCMC

The Ministry of Home Affairs is building a national strategy on attracting talents for important posts by 2030 with a vision towards 2045, which is expected to be submitted to the government for issuance in 2023.

Health Ministry wants to add 7,418 officers more at commune level

One commune in Binh Chanh district in HCM City has a population of 130,000, while a commune in Lang Son province only has 400 people. But the number of civil servants in the two communes is nearly the same.

State agencies in HCMC hasn’t recruited any outstanding graduates, scientists since 2018

The report shows that State agencies are struggling to recruit due to the lucrative deals graduates and scientists are offered to either continue their education through scholarships, either at home or abroad, or to join the private sector.

Some civil servants play it safe to keep their jobs

Many civil servants don’t dare try to innovate or be creative, and just try to keep themselves safe.

VND60 trillion budgeted to raise salaries for public employees

The Vietnamese government plans to allocate VND60 trillion to increase salaries for public employees and expenditures for social security purposes.

Low wages are eroding the integrity and dignity of civil servants: NA deputies

National Assembly deputies, noting that low monthly salaries are eroding the integrity and dignity of some civil servants, have urged an increase in the minimum wage.

Civil servants “fear of responsibility”: National Assembly deputy

Fear of taking responsibility has become commonplace among cadres and civil servants.

NA deputies: plan to increase salaries of civil servants needs to be submitted soon

Though agreeing on a delay of wage reform, many National Assembly Deputies have asked the Government to prepare solutions to increase salaries for cadres, civil servants and public employees.

Number of civil servants to increase by over 7,000 in 2022

The total number of civil servants who are paid by the state budget in 2022 will be 256,685, an increase of 7,035 people compared to 2021.

Civil servants go to office to work, not to show off fashion

Dinh Van Minh, Director of the Legal Department under the Government Inspectorate supports the Ministry of Home Affairs' decision on banning civil servants from going to the office in jeans, T-shirts without lapels, shorts and high-cut skirts.


VN ministries set strict requirements on civil servants’ clothing at work

The codes of conduct previously released by other ministries and local authorities do not include detailed requirements on dressing at work or a ban on wearing jeans that was recently issued the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Teachers faced strict requirements on certificates in last three months

In February, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) released several circulars on teacher appointments and rankings, and necessary certificates. 

State officers relieved as ministry reduces 'unnecessary certification'

Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra said the number of required certificates will be reduced to ease the burden on civil servants and public employees.

It’s necessary to not increase basic salary for civil servants in 2021: expert

Associate Professor Dinh Trong Thinh, a senior lecture of the Academy of Finance speaks about the Government’s proposal to not increase the monthly basic salary for civil servants and public employees next year.

New decree to improve performance of civil servants

National Assembly Deputy Bui Thi An speaks about the Government’s efforts to improve the quality of cadres, civil servants and public employees.

Vietnam to raise salaries for civil servants from July 1

The basis salary is the reference for calculating salaries of state employees by multiplying it with their corresponding coefficient.

Foreign language programme for officials, civil servants approved

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved a foreign language programme for state officials and civil servants from 2019-2030.

Programme promotes foreign language training for cadres, civil servants

The Ministry of Home Affairs is drafting a national programme on foreign language training for cadres and civil servants to help them improve their language proficiency and performance at work.