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The pork rind Bun Rieu store on Tran Xuan Soan street has a tiny area of 1 square meter, just enough to fit a pot of broth and a stainless-steel table, yet is constantly full.

Food tours in Vietnam voted among best in the world

Exploring HCM City’s street food on a motorbike has been selected as one of the top food experiences in the whole world.

Vietnam’s street dishes visitors should try

In its Eat Vietnam book, Lonely Planet, one of the world’s famous travel guide book publishers, recommends 13 street dishes in Vietnam that tourists should not miss on their visits to the country.

Millet rice wafer sought after in nooks and crannies of Hanoi

It was a modest rice wafer topped with sesame and green beans that brought the delicate aroma of Vietnamese food to the table.

Customers' preferences are remembered at 90-year-old bread store

Each patron’s favorite bread is so well remembered, the seller, without help from a menu or any other kind of solicitation from the client, can recall their preferences by just looking at their face.

Sticky rice ice cream: A summer treat to beat Hanoi heat

Amid the powerful summer heat in Hanoi, it's worth experiencing 'kem xoi' (sticky rice ice cream, which can help to cool the body from the inside.

An unforgettable experience with Bun Ngan Nhan

Compared to the Southern and the Central Vietnam, the Northern region, particularly Hanoi, boasts a wide variety of dishes using Muscovy duck, from noodle dish to hot pot and stir-fry.

Vietnamese food: Duck fried with garlic

Ngan (Siamese duck) is deep-fried with garlic then served with a special homemade sauce.

Street treats that make a trip to An Giang sweet

Two kinds of cakes made from simple local ingredients show the diverse culture of An Giang – a Mekong Delta province and also one of the most mysterious and mesmerising places in Vietnam.

Banh Chuoi – The Nostalgic Food of Childhood

Although the ingredients to make this addicting dish sound fairly simple: ripe bananas, sugar, flour, turmeric powder, making banh chuoi requires the exceptional skills of a master artisan.

Hanoi street foods can be cooked in the US

For many foreigners, Hanoi street food has dished up nostalgia.

A dish typical of Hanoi’s delicate culinary style

Bun Thang, or Hanoi-style rice vermicelli soup, is a peculiar dish showing a delicate culinary style of Hanoians. This is a perfect combination of colors and flavors. 

Mouth-watering snacks on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street available at low prices

Here is a list of some of the delicious street food that can be purchased for less than VND100,000, equivalent to US$4.3, per person on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street in Ho Chi Minh City.

Best treats to enjoy in Hanoi during wintertime

With the arrival of cold weather, this part of the year represents the perfect time to sample hot street food. Let’s visit Hanoi these days to taste these special dishes and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

84-year-old woman has sold soup on Saigon’s pavement for 50 years

When she was young, she carried her porridge pot on the shoulders, and walked through alleys to make a living. 

Must-try street food options during a day trip to Kien Giang

Visitors to Kien Giang often leave with a great impression of the locality due to its fabulous culture, the friendliness of local people, its shopping options, and range of street food. 

Crab soup with black eggs: a creamy afternoon snack

Crab soup with black eggs is one of the most popular street foods in HCM City despite the somewhat unappealing colour of one of its ingredients.

French daily suggests Hanoi’s must-eat street food

French daily Le Figaro recently ran an article introducing Hanoi’s most renowned street food. The article was headlined “In Vietnam, eight wonders to taste in Hanoi – a temple of street food”.

French newspaper introduces Hanoi’s must-eat street food

French daily Le Figaro recently ran an article introducing Hanoi’s most renowned street food.

Hanoi: street foods test positive for carcinogens

Hanoi's Food Hygiene and Safety Control Department has recently inspected 50 street food restaurants and taken food samples for testing, reported online newspaper