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Adopting advanced technology and improving the localisation ratio of materials and accessories are textile and garment enterprises’ best chance.

Trading commodities on blockchain

A fair and efficient supply chain plays an important role in the development of any sector. 

Embracing potential for an effective supply chain system

Having in place an inclusive supporting industry is vital for the country to boost the competitiveness of Vietnamese-made products in the global market. 

Vietnamese enterprises struggle to enter global supply chains

Vietnam has become an important production base where valuable industrial products such as mobile phones and tablets are made. However, Vietnamese enterprises still cannot find positions in global supply chains.

Joining global supply chains – where to start?

Vietnam has been excluded from multinational groups’ global production chains because of its weak supporting industries.

Where’s Vietnam in the global value chain?

VietNamNet Bridge - Ten years ago, the risk for Vietnam was that it might miss the glbal ‘integration train’. Today, the question is where is Vietnam in that train?

U.S. traders reject GMO crops that lack global approval

 Across the U.S. Farm Belt, top grain handlers have banned genetically modified crops that are not approved in all major overseas markets, shaking up a decades-old system that used the world's biggest exporting country as a launchpad for new seeds


 Japan to pump 30 bln yen into buying Vietnamese SOE debts; B-WTO supports Vietnam’s global economic integration; Setting a sustainable pangasius supply chain; New companies outnumber old in HCM City

Supply chain services booming on Vietnam’s logistics market opening

DHL Supply Chain (DSC) has announced its plan to invest $13 million in Vietnam to expand its business scale here in anticipation of the Vietnam’s logistics market opening next year.