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Vietnam has recently received many large global groups, led by US technology firms, that have brought production chains with capital of up to billions of dollars.

Vietnam – Rising star in Asia’s shifting supply chains: EIU

A key strength in Vietnam’s business environment is the country’s proliferating membership of free-trade agreements.

Stable outlook expected for Vietnamese dong

While Vietnam is at risk of being listed as currency manipulator by the US, such a risk appears low, as the US will likely continue to reduce its dependence on Chinese exports by reorganizing its supply chain with other partners.

US manufacturing chains choose Vietnam, billions of dollars coming

Among the countries running a race to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), Vietnam is a destination with promised great potential.

How to attract high-quality foreign direct investment

Industrialization requires high-quality foreign direct investment (FDI). Many issues must be addressed, including how to developed a skilled workforce.

Essential guidance beefing up domestic supporting industries

While highly appreciating the solutions and policies set forth in the government’s Resolution No.115/NQ-CP on the development of supporting industries, Truong Thi Chi Binh, 

Capital flow redirection still uncertain: economists

Foreign investors are considering relocating their production bases out of China, but this doesn’t mean that all of them will flock to Vietnam.

New strategy needed for coming FDI wave

There is a new FDI capital flow heading for Southeast Asian countries, but analysts say it is not easy for Vietnam to grab the opportunities.

Vietnam welcomes US firms amid global supply chain shifts: Ambassador

Vietnam hopes US firms with potential in technology, professionalism, and capital will continue to select the country as an attractive and safe destination for relocating business and supply chains, 

Wooden furniture manufacturers face liquidity problems amid COVID-19 crisis

Vietnam’s wooden furniture industry was expected to have a prosperous year in 2020 after the US-China trade war broke out in 2019. But hopes have been dashed by Covid-19.

Vietnamese consumers among the most optimistic in Asia during COVID-19

Vietnamese consumers are some of the most optimistic in Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to American management consulting firm McKinsey’s recent consumer survey.

Vietnamese drugmakers tackling disrupted supply chain

While gaining advantage in the first quarter of 2020 amid the coronavirus outbreak, Vietnamese drug giants are predicted to face challenges in the upcoming months due to faults in the global ingredient supply chain.

Vietnamese woodwork industry: the path to $20 billion goal

More and more foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) in Vietnam have begun exporting woodwork products as Vietnamese enterprises increasingly lose market share.

Evolving demand and supply chain norms

In early February, in the minds of most of us, COVID-19 was still a China-specific problem. Yet, the strict lockdown imposed early in China generated rapidly unprecedented chaos in global supply chains. 

Supply chain is heading to Vietnam

The global relocation of supply chain links from China to Vietnam will continue, despite the coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest report released by JLL.

Coronavirus: Five ways the outbreak is hitting global food industry

From demand for orange juice to vegetables left unpicked, our usual supply chains have been upended.

VN businesses keen to remove hurdles amid COVID-19 epidemic

Management agencies have put in place drastic steps in a bid to support businesses as they actively seek out sources of raw materials to be used in production whilst boosting trade promotion activities.

Covid-19 crisis can offer opportunity for Vietnam to expand role in global supply chain

The difficulties in the global pandemic are opportunities for Vietnam to expand its role in the global supply chain.

Firms resetting raw material sources

As the coronavirus outbreak shows no sign of slowing down, supply chain leaders are urged to mitigate instant disruption and plan for their short- and long-term performance.

Vietnam’s role in reshaping Asian supply chains is growing: HSBC

While the recent trade tensions have merely accelerated the movement of supply chains to Vietnam, they were not the trigger.