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 Some Philippine mines need to be shut given the environmental harm they have caused, the minister in charge of sector said on Wednesday,

Giving more of yourself: A journalist’s tale

VietNamNet Bridge – Journalist Nguyen Thuy Linh of VTC News registered as an organ donor after several brushes with death, drawing public praise. She spoke with Le Dinh Viet about her decision. 

Drought-hit Honduras needs new approach to tackle extreme weather: U.N. envoy

 Honduras must develop a long term approach to combat the impact of drought exacerbated by climate change and put the poorest and most vulnerable at the center of government initiatives and funding,

Seven-year-old Colombian girl survives 18 days in jungle

A seven-year-old girl who went missing in the Colombian jungle has been found alive after nearly three weeks. 

Climate 'vice' constricts bumblebees' natural ranges – researchers

 Climate change is threatening the survival of bumblebees, significantly reducing the habitats in which they can survive, researchers say.

Lost New Zealand woman drinks breast milk 'to keep going'

 A New Zealand woman who was lost in a forest east of Wellington for 24 hours said she drank her own breast milk and covered herself in dirt to survive.

Modern abattoirs struggle to survive

VietNamNet Bridge – The 2,000 traditional slaughterhouses in Ha Noi must be closed to develop modern, clean abattoirs,

Worker survives after five days trapped in cold storage

 VietNamNet Bridge – A folklift truck driver was found alive on July 23 five days after being trapped in a cold storage with room temperature dropping to minus 20 degrees Census in Dong Thap province.

Falling from 12th floor, a worker miraculously survives

VietNamNet Bridge – On the morning of July 4, a worker fell from the 12th floor of the building in Ho Chi Minh City but only his thighbone and scapula were broken.