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Hanoi stops enrollment in dual-degree program, students and parents displeased

Diep and her daughter were shocked about the news that Hanoi would stop enrolling students in the double-degree training program for the next academic year as they have been preparing for the entrance exam to the program for two years.

How can Vietnamese teachers' English’s qualifications improve?

Teachers of English in Hanoi have been asked to attend an exam to assess their qualifications under IELTS international standards.

Teachers of English required to upgrade their qualifications

Many teachers have expressed concern that they may fail to achieve a 6.5 score on IELTS. But parents say this is not an high requirement.

Universities concerned about graduates’ foreign language proficiency

Most schools require IELTS 4.5 English skill level for their graduates in non-linguistics majors, but this is seen as too low by many educators.

VN Education Ministry wants to recruit 23,000 teachers

When opening the new academic year, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) emphasized that this is an important year to prepare for application of the new general education program and textbooks for next year.

Only 69% of teachers of English meet standards

VietNamNet Bridge - The current teacher shortage and the high number of unqualified teachers have contributed to the failure of English teaching programmes at general schools.

Polytechnic students struggle to meet foreign language standards

VietNamNet Bridge - Economics, diplomacy and social science majors find it easier to learn foreign languages than students at polytechnic schools.

National foreign language teaching program's effectiveness in doubt

VietNamNet Bridge - With disappointing results of the English test in the 2016 national high-school finals, experts have raised questions about the effects of the 2008-2020 national program on teaching foreign languages at general schools.

Changes in English books confuse primary school students, teachers

VietNamNet Bridge - The HCM City Education and Training Department has changed its mind again about the English textbooks to be used for primary school.

Age to start learning English still debated

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese parents are receiving conflicting advice about when they should enroll their children in English classes.

Vietnam races against the clock to produce teachers of English

VietNamNet Bridge - It is estimated that Vietnam will need 7,770 more teachers of English by 2020 to implement the national program on teaching English, under which third, fourth and fifth graders would have four English sessions a week.

Majority of teachers of English can’t meet standards

Over 50 percent of primary school teachers of English, 63.29 percent of secondary school and 73.88 percent of high school teachers cannot meet standards as required by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

Schools explode with discontent as Education Ministry sets enrolment quotas

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training’s (MOET) decision on setting limitations on universities’ training scale has raised strong opposition from schools.

Teachers of English have poor listening and speaking skills

VietNamNet Bridge - Teachers of English at general schools cannot communicate well in English, so they focus on teaching reading and writing. As a result, Vietnamese students also cannot speak English well.

Teachers of English reluctant to take refresher English courses

The HCM City Education and Training Department has released a list of 43 high school teachers who did not participate in refresher courses as part of the project on upgrading English skills in 2011-2020.