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Education Ministry wants to develop private high schools for the gifted

Affirming the preeminence of the system of high schools for the gifted, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has asked localities to build policies to develop private schools of this kind.

The 16 most expensive universities in Vietnam

Of the 16 universities with the highest tuition fees in Vietnam, five are public schools and 11 are private schools.

Village student enters top business school in Spain

Getting out of a rut and choosing to follow his own way, Dinh Tien Dat wants to help next-generation students to pursue their own path.

9x graduate leaves big US company to work at startup

Ha DieuTrang is an alumna of Worcester Academy in the US. She was an English major at the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, but chose to study IT in university because she wanted to challenge herself in a field which was not her forte.

New scholarship policy to ensure return of trainees who go abroad

The biggest headache for state agencies compiling talent training plans is that the recipients, after finishing courses overseas, do not return to Vietnam to serve at state agencies as they had previously promised.

Former rector says universities should share lesson plans, resources to improve quality

Educators in Vietnam need to share resources, materials and experiences to enhance educational outcomes, said Do Van Dung, former rector of the HCMC University of Technology and Education.

"Tiger" mom in Hanoi helps daughter win Harvard scholarship

Ngoc is very sparing with her praise. She said that compliments may make her kids conceited and believe they are good enough and don't need to continue to study.

VN associate professor works at top university in Australia

As an associate professor at a top university in Australia, Hoang Lan Anh says that she was not a typical "dutiful child and excellent student" as valued in Vietnamese culture.

From failed college candidate to physics professor in the US

Dr. Nguyen Dong Hai spoke with VietNamNet about his path from a student who failed the university entrance exam in Vietnam to a professor of physics at Tennessee Wesleyan University in the US and his thoughts on pedagogical student training.

NA deputy’s statement about career guidance, tertiary education stirs controversy

A National Assembly deputy's statement that "having three bachelor’s degrees but remaining unemployed is a reality in Vietnam" has stirred controversy.

Female scientist pursues in-depth study about tertiary education

Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, 43, resigned from her post as a dean to which she was appointed at aged 27 to begin a new path of research about tertiary education.

Universities ‘favor’ students with IELTS, international certificates

International certificates and international programs are a "strong passport" for students to enroll in universities in Vietnam.

Digital transformation will challenge teachers to step out of their ‘safety zone’

If teachers don’t undergo transformation, or do this by half, the digital transformation process will be stagnant.

Why is MOET giving career guidance to elementary school students?

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has released the draft circular regulating career guidance, job counseling and start-up support in educational establishments.

Experts propose higher budget for tertiary education

Vietnam needs to increase expenditures on tertiary education in the context of the 4.0 industry revolution, experts say.

Education Ministry's online teaching expansion plan raises concerns

Vietnam has been warned of great challenges when developing online teaching, but it believes that these can be overcome.

University enrollment schedule, student quotas remain unclear

VietNamNet Bridge - Students have to register to sit the national high school finals and apply for universities from April 1-20. 

Tertiary education: few programs meet standards

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese universities proceeded with accreditation plans in 2015, after the launch of a World Bank project in 2005. 

Vietnam aims to improve education quality with amended law

The amended University Education Law is expected to help produce workers who can  satisfy the requirements for the country’s socio-economic development and international integration. 

What should be done with ineffective provincial universities?

VietNamNet Bridge - The sharp increase in the number of provincial universities in the last decade has led to an oversupply.