Located on the bank of the Red River, 2000-year-old Chem Temple in Hanoi is Vietnam’s oldest temple, which is not only of great historical, cultural, and spiritual importance but also has a unique architecture.

An art performance called “The quintessence of solemn Chem Temple”, as part of the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023, awakens the cultural heritage of the Red River delta.

For thousands of years, Chem Temple has been considered a sacred place of worship by the people of three villages: Hoang, Mac, and Chem village. Chem Temple, dedicated to Saint Chem, has witnessed the turbulent history and civilization of the people who live near the Red River.

“The quintessence of solemn Chem temple” brings to life much of the architectural heritage of the capital and the Red River.

The performance takes place on a stage beside the Red River and integrates various folk arts, including Hanoi Xam (the music of blind buskers), the Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic minority, Quan ho folk songs from Bac Ninh province, and Muong folk songs.

the quintessence of solemn chem temple awakens cultural heritage picture 1
“The quintessence of solemn Chem temple” program. (Photo: hanoimoi.vn) 

Ms. Le Thi Thu Huong, Vice Chairwoman of Bac Tu Liem district’s People’s Committee, said it is the creativity of the production that makes the show special.

“We set up two stages that simultaneously feature folk and contemporary music of Hanoi. There is a close connection between the modern stage and the traditional stage,” said Huong.

The show inspires pride and patriotism in the audience. “It’s a grand show which evokes pride in Vietnam’s heritages. We hope the government and people will continue to work together to preserve and promote those heritages,” said a spectator.

“Chem Temple is an ancient Hanoi relic site. As a local, I want to make Chem Temple a destination for tourists. We have always educated our children to preserve the values of the temple,” another audience member said.

Source: VOV