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Update news the US market

With a growth rate of 34 percent, or $10.9 billion, Vietnam has jumped from 12th to 7th among the leading suppliers to the US market.

Vietnamese catfish exporters struggle to compete with rivals

The domestic catfish price has fallen to a 2-year low, while Vietnam’s shrimp now has to compete fiercely in prices with rivals, including Thailand and India.

Cold supply chain: burning issue for Vietnam’s farm products

VietNamNet Bridge - Farmers in Hanoi have had to throw away hundreds of tons of radishes because of slow sales, reflecting the weakness in Vietnam’s cold supply chain. 

Vietnam fruit exports have to meet high standards in foreign markets

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is well known for its tropical fruits, but it has to meet many strict requirements by importing countries in order to export its fruit. 

Vietnam’s shrimp gets stuck in the US

VietNamNet Bridge - The US has decided to impose new anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s shrimp, five times higher than previous years and two to three times higher than duties imposed on Vietnam's competitors.

Visa fee hike could cause drop in number of US tourists

VietNamNet Bridge - Travel firms that target the US market are concerned about changes in visa fees applied to travelers from the US. 

Vietnam’s farm produce meets big barriers in export markets

Bad news has come in thick and fast to Vietnamese farmers and farm produce exporters.