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Nha Trang beach and Vung Tau beach in the central region of Vietnam have been ranked third and fourth out of the 10 most popular beaches in the world, on the basis of the number of views on Tik Tok.

Control of bad content on social networks should be tightened

Tik Toker No O No, who criticized the poor, was boycotted by the community and forced to shut down by the authorities. He is not the first Tik Toker that has posted bad content on social networks.

TikTok-based livestream programme to promote OCOP products launched in Hanoi

A livestream broadcast to promote One Commune, One Product (OCOP) programme's products and local and regional specialties on TikTok platform was launched in Hanoi on October 11.

Da Nang seeks to promote tourism on Tiktok

More than 120 Tiktok content creators took part in a discussion on how to shoot videos promoting tourist destinations in Da Nang, during an event held by the municipal Tourism Promotion Centre and two media companies on August 20.

Hot TikTokers bridge ethnic cultures

Several Tiktokers from the mountainous areas of Vietnam have attracted an increasing number of followers with short videos featuring their daily lives and unique ethnic cultures.

2.4 million videos posted by Vietnamese users on TikTok removed

According to TikTok's latest report, this platform removed more than 2.4 million videos in the Vietnamese market in Q1/2022.

Short stories of SEA Games 31 on Tik Tok attract eight billion views

Short videos featuring images and competition activities of athletes during the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) on Tik Tok attracted eight billion views.

Facebook, Youtube remove thousands of ‘fake news’ items

More than 3,200 videos and articles with false or fake information were removed by cross-border platforms in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2022.

Vietnamese spend hours a day on mobile apps, social networks

People under the age of 26 in Vietnam spend more than seven hours a day on mobile apps such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Tik Tok, Facebook Messenger and Shopee, among others.

TikTok: success for those who dare to go against the majority and lessons for VN

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could not find a way to turn the attack on TikTok. He said that TikTok is a threat to America's values and technology position.

Vietnam among top 25 most viewed countries on TikTok

The nation ranked sixth on the list of the top 25 most viewed countries on popular social media platform TikTok with 107 million hits.

Artist promoting Vietnamese culture via TikTok

Artist Vu Nhu Nguyet, born in 1985, has been introducing and promoting Vietnam’s cultural beauty to a large number of young people through proverbs on TikTok.

Phu Tho woman finds husband after 13-year absence

Thanks to a video posted on Tiktok, a woman in Phu Tho province has found her husband who was missing for 13 years.

Vietnamese smartphone usage spent mostly on Facebook

In 2020, Vietnamese spent 25% of their time on smartphones surfing Facebook and 12% of their time watching YouTube.

Vietnam takes drastic measures to clean up toxic content on social media: official

Popular Vietnamese TikTok user Tho Nguyen recently caused outrage online by posting videos about Kuman Thong dolls online, asking the dolls to bless her studies after "receiving many requests from children".

Well-known YouTuber criticized for posting superstitious clips

Tho Nguyen, a YouTuber famous for content for kids, with more than 8.7 million followers, has been criticized by the online community for two video clips with superstitious content.

Law on Cybersecurity finds little purchase on overseas tech titans

Despite urging by the Law on Cybersecurity, few international companies handling the data of local customers have set up data centres in Vietnam.

Tik Tok’s fall brings opportunities to Vietnam’s startups

Tik Tok has been denounced of sending information about American citizens to China. However, it continues to deny the allegations.

VNG sues TikTok for music copyright infringement in Vietnam

"VNG requests TikTok to remove all music segments taken from Zing records from both the TikTok application and the website, and an indemnification for damages of over VND221 billion ($9.5 million)," 

TikTok: Chinese app may be banned in US, says Pompeo

US Secretary of State hints that Chinese apps - like TikTok - could be targeted.