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The idea of using water from the Red River to dilute and clean the polluted To Lich has raised controversy among scientists.

Hanoi rivers waiting for to be revived

Many rivers in Hanoi have faced serious pollution for years; however, local authorities have failed to revive them.

Japanese Koi fish released into Hanoi's To Lich river and West Lake to test for clean water

Both Koi fish and carp fish have been released by Japanese experts and Vietnamese scientists into areas of the To Lich river and West Lake that have been treated for pollution as a demonstration of how clean the water is.

Experts suggest Hanoi clean dying river with Red river’s water

It is worth pondering the dissolution of To Lich water with the Red river’s water because the To Lich river is facing the risk of becoming a dead river when it received little amount of water in the dry season.


Hanoi considers cleaning up To Lich - again

VietNamNet Bridge - The Hanoi-based Phuong Bac Infrastructure JSC has sent a dispatch to Hanoi’s agencies suggesting a solution to upgrade To Lich River. 

Hanoians mull solutions to save the city’s polluted rivers

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi authorities have been trying many solutions to mitigate the pollution of the rivers in the city, but the effects remain modest.

Hanoi needs millions of USD to revive rivers

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi is a ‘city of rivers and lakes’. However, many are in danger because of waste pollution.