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Vietnam's largest port faces serious road congestion

Authorities in HCM City are seeking measures to solve the serious congestion along some roads leading to Cat Lai Port.

Hanoi: Tens of thousands of people return home for Tet

Hanoi's gateways were congested on January 19 as people left the capital city to return to their hometowns for the seven-day Tet holiday starting on January 20.

Efforts ongoing to alleviate Hanoi traffic jams

The capital city began another pilot programme of traffic navigation at the Nga Tu So - Lang intersection, aiming to alleviate the long-term congestion.

Hanoi to address traffic congestion through increased investment in transport

This year, Hanoi plans to increase investment in transport infrastructure and accelerate the progress of technical infrastructure investment projects, and major transport works to alleviate traffic congestion in the city.

HCM City streets congested on first working day of 2023

On the morning of January 3, serious traffic congestion occurred on roads heading to HCM City’s center.

HCM City streets stuck for 2 hours after the New Year fireworks display

After the spectacular fireworks display to welcome the new year of 2023, many roads in Ho Chi Minh City were jammed. It took many people hours to come home.

HCM City still facing tense traffic state

HCM City is witnessing a strong economy recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. The traffic volume increases correspondingly with the distribution of goods and movements of citizens. This has led to frequent and severe congestion throughout the city.

Torrential rain causes traffic chaos, flooding in HCMC

The Hydrology Meteorology Forecasting Station of the Southern region informed that Ho Chi Minh City experienced extreme rainfalls along with blustery winds this afternoon.

HCMC draws up plan to prohibit passenger cars from entering inner city

Under a draft plan opened by the HCM City Transport Department for public opinion, the plan on prohibiting passenger cars from entering the inner city will be implemented in two stages.

Hanoi streets turn into rivers, thousands of vehicles get stuck

After heavy rain on Sunday afternoon (May 29), Hanoi's major roads such as Tran Duy Hung, Nguyen Trai, Chau Van Liem, ... were deeply flooded. Vehicles had to wait for the water to recede, leading to serious congestion.

Hanoi to spend $80mln in five years to alleviate traffic congestion

The Hanoi People’s Council during a recent session has passed a target programme on mitigating traffic congestion and ensuring road safety in the city for the 2021-25 period with total funding of VND1.8 trillion (nearly US$80 million).

HCM City to make access to ports easier

Import-export activities through the system of seaports are vital to HCMC’s economy. However, they have been plagued by constant traffic jams on the roads leading to them.

Projects planned to ease traffic congestion on port roads

The HCMC Department of Transport has asked the city government to give priority in the next five years to six key transport projects worth $1.19 billion in order to clear congestion on roads leading to ports, especially Cat Lai Port in District 2.

Collapsed trees after heavy rain causes traffic gridlock in HCM City

The heavy rains on early Friday morning flooded Saigon, causing many trees to collapse.

Terrible traffic jams at HCM City’s northwest gateway last hours

On the morning of April 13, serious traffic jams were reported on the northwest gateway routes in Ho Chi Minh City, causing traffic chaos. Thousands of vehicles had to move inch by inch on the road.


Students return to school, street congestion in Hanoi reappears

On March 2, Hanoi students returned to school after a month-long lunar New Year holiday due to the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, Hanoians struggled to move again on the roads.


Young families return to Hanoi after a long Tet holiday

In the flow of people returning to Hanoi after the 7-day lunar New Year holiday (Tet), there were kids sitting behind their mothers on motorbikes, with countryside specialties tied behind the vehicles.

HCM City to move ports out to ease congestion on roads

Ho Chi Minh City will continue to move its ports to its outskirts to ease congestion on roads outside them and build new ones under a national port master plan for 2020-2030.

Hanoi Public Transport Association proposes bus-only lanes

Hanoi Public Transport Association has proposed to build 14 bus-only lanes in order to attract more passengers and reduce personal vehicles.

Cars entering downtown HCMC to be charged in 2021

The HCMC People’s Council has passed a resolution under which the city will collect fees from cars entering the downtown area in the 2021-2025 period, as part of a public passenger transport and traffic control scheme.