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Sea freight rates are expected to fall in the second half of 2022, but at a glacial pace, allowing transport firms to reap high profits for another six months, according to experts.

Transport firms unwilling to cut fares amid falling fuel prices

Although fuel prices have dropped by around 20 per cent since June, many transport firms are still sitting tight, unwilling to cut fares amid falling costs.

In difficulty, transport firms sell vehicles, go bankrupt

Many transportation firms have decided to sell vehicles and shift to other businesses as they are incurring big losses because of petroleum price increases.

As petrol prices continue to increase, transport firms may reduce services

If petrol and DO prices continue to stay high, transport firms may have to reduce services and routes, or stop operation temporarily.

No licenses for transport firms with foreign holding of over 51%

Vietnamese transport firms wherein foreign investors contribute over 51% of the chartered capital will not be licensed, according to the Ministry of Transport.

Ministry proposes road maintenance fee cut for transport firms

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) recently asked the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to exempt and reduce the road maintenance fees for transport vehicles and firms affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transport firms face huge losses from coronavirus outbreak

Many transportation firms reported that they are incurring huge losses and slow business due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Central bank acts as credit fund goes rogue

The State Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) office in the southern province of Dong Nai is investigating the delay in repaying principal and interest by the Thai Binh People’s Credit Fund to 82 customers 

Transport firms hurt by controversial rule

Transportation companies say there are suffering significant losses because of a new rule that requires original documents of vehicles to be presented on demand by traffic police. 

Businesses to spend additional VND1 trillion a year in highway fees

VietNamNet Bridge - Transport firms in Hai Phong City said they dare not go on the Hanoi – Hai Phong Highway because of the high fee, which makes their services less competitive.

Prices go up but rarely go down

 VietNamNet Bridge – Economic expert Ngo Tri Long spoke with Kinh te&Do thi (Economic and Urban) newspaper about transport firms who are always quick to increase their fares, but slow to let them fall again.

Minister suggests boycotting transport firms delaying fare cuts

 VietNamNet Bridge – Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang suggested passengers boycott enterprises reluctant to lower fares after multiple fuel price reductions when he inspected fee reductions

Transport firms fail to cut fares

 VietNamNet Bridge – Four inspection teams have been set up by the Ministry of Transport to supervise transport fees among transport enterprises as fuel prices continue to drop, already two times in the first month of the year.

Crackdown on container trucks

VietNamNet Bridge – More than 200 container trucks from national transport firms have been found to be using oversized tankers, a two-week long inspection has revealed.

Vietnam logistics firms losing on home ground

VietNamNet Bridge – There are as many as 800 Vietnamese logistics firms in operation, but they are holding a humble market share of only 25%, as most of them are small and short of capital for business expansion,


 IPs, EPZs lure large FDI garment projects; Investors eye on dairy industry; Office rents in Hanoi fall further, says Savills;

Policy on overloaded vehicle fines changed after complaints

 VietNamNet Bridge – Transport Minister Dinh La Thang has asked police and localities not to fine vehicles violating axle load restrictions or those that exceed permitted loads by less than 10 per cent.

All taxis in Hanoi to be installed with GPS

VietNamNet Bridge – Hanoi’s Department of Transport has decided to raise the rate of city taxis installed with global positioning system devices to 100 percent by 2015 in a bid to more strictly manage taxi enterprises operating in the capital.  

Taxi fare increase likely this week

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many taxi firms in Ha Noi are expected to raise taxi fares by VND600 -1,000 per kilometre in the next fortnight, responding to the recent petrol price hike,