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If the “vaccine passport” initiative were approved by the government, Quang Nam would be the first province in Vietnam to reopen to foreign tourists in July.

50% Vietnamese travelers are willing to travel in May and June

The newly launched “insight snapshot” by Outbox Consulting show that 50% of local travelers are intending to travel in May and June, among them, 40% are more interested in sightseeing and cuisine.

April 30–May 1 holidays: air tickets selling out, more trips offered

Airlines are offering more flights on the national holidays marking the Reunification and International Labor Day, but air tickets for some routes are running out because of high demand.

White lilies greet April in Hanoi

Easter lilies can be seen in every street corner in Hanoi during the transitional season between spring and summer. On these beautiful days of April, the elegant white flowers win the appreciation of many people.

Special policies and tours needed to promote educational tourism

Danang’s tourism industry needs to offer specific policies and tours to attract guests to participate in educational tourism.

Ant-egg cake - a Cao Bang specialty

The second and third months of the lunar year are the time for gourmet cooks to order banh trung kien, or ant’s egg cakes, a Cao Bang specialty.

Red River tourism awaiting to be uncovered

The capital city has potential to develop tours on the Red River. However, it has not been fully tapped.

Travel agencies seek changes to cope with Covid-19

Travel agencies are attempting to be more creative as more people are choosing backpacking.

“Vaccine passport” hoped to support resumption of international fights

In Vietnam, domestic flights have been resumed and the Prime Minister has asked relevant agencies to study the use of “vaccine passports” and gradually reopen international flights.

Hotels, resorts and serviced apartments in Vietnam respond to Earth Hour

Small actions such as turning off electrical appliances when not in use, saving water, planting a row of trees will protect the environment.

Government urged to open door to foreign travelers

Vietnam needs to design a roadmap for opening the market to receive foreign travelers or it will fail to develop tourism as other countries have taken one step forward.

Ideas for getaways in March

Most Vietnamese spend the first lunar month of the year with their families. 

Business-class tickets and five star hotels for VND2 million: tour prices plummet

It is cheaper than ever to travel now as prices have dropped amid the pandemic, while this time of year is usually the slowest for the tourism sector.

Domestic tourism stimulation: March promotions launched

There are a variety of options for travelers to choose from for International Women's Day retreats.

Vaccine 'passport' could help save tourism

Large-scale Covid-19 vaccinations are expected to help restore travelers’ confidence, loosen travel restrictions and normalize tourism activities.

Two Vietnamese beaches among top beaches in Asia

TripAdvisor readers have named My Khe in the central city of Da Nang and An Bang in Hoi An city among the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

Arousing the taste buds

Rich in vegetables, rice and seafood, Hanoian speciates have incorporated Cambodia and Thai influences into style that is distinctively its own.

Vietnam people commit to sustainable tourism in 2021: Survey

Travel companies need to develop unique products that are responsible for the local community and eco-friendly to meet the requirements of tourists.

Banh gio, softest rice dough dumpling

Banh gio (rice dough dumpling with minced pork and wood ear mushrooms inside) is favoured as a breakfast dish and as an after-school supper dish for children.

Vietnamese tourism - From zero to Number 1

From a “low-cost” destination 20 years ago, Vietnam’s tourism sector has made substantial breakthroughs and become a regular in the last five years on “must-see” lists for international tourists.