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Several ministries and branches say that it is necessary to wait for the final judgment from the court on the issue related to the ownership of ‘Trung Nguyen’ and ‘G7 Coffee’ brands.

Binh Duong police files charges against falsifying business documents at Trung Nguyen

The Binh Duong investigative police agency is launching criminal proceedings against alleged falsification of business documents at Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee Corporation.

Dreadful expansion outlook for beverage chains across nation

Social distancing and compulsory lockdowns are throwing a wrench in beverage chains’ market expansion plans this year adding insult to injury for these already unhealthy firms.

Coffee price slides, farmers and merchants incur losses

The downward trend in coffee prices are affecting farmers and traders. The price hovered around VND48 million per ton at the beginning of 2017 and dropped to VND38 million one year later.

Café chains boom as ‘coffee culture’ takes shape

VietNamNet Bridge - Though the Vietnamese café market has always been bustling, more and more coffee chains are continuing to join the market.

More instant coffee brands join Vietnam’s market

VietNamNet Bridge - The instant coffee market, including capsules and pods, is heating up, but analysts believe there are still opportunities for newcomers.

Businesspeople’s divorce cases damage strong brands

VietNamNet Bridge - Divorce not only results in damages to the assets of involved parties, but can also devastate the brands that the parties had spent years building.

The ‘cracks’ in the family-run business model

VietNamNet Bridge - The family-run business model has certain vulnerabilities and is prone to breakdowns that can lead to serious consequences.

Elephant, civet coffee rises in popularity in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Every kilogram of natural civet coffee can command a price of VND36 million, while farmed civet coffee sells for VND9 million per kilo.

Vinacafe’s scandal is hot discussion on social media

VietNamNet Bridge - Vinacafe has admitted that it made "coffee mixed with soybeans" and vowed never to do it again. How will the public react?

Instant-coffee makers experiencing tough days

VietNamNet Bridge - Trung Nguyen coffee giant and Vinacafe, a big instant-coffee maker, are facing business difficulties after reporting losses. 

Strange events surround instant coffee market

VietNamNet Bridge - What happened with the instant coffee market in 2015 showed that the market was unpredictable.

New race begins in coffee market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese coffee companies, anticipating big problems in export markets, are focusing on making instant and roasted coffee to sell in the domestic market.

Starbucks sells Dalat coffee at local shops

 Starbucks Reserve coffee grown in Cau Dat District, Dalat City has been made available for guests to order at Starbucks stores in Vietnam.

Trung Nguyen vs Starbucks: what is the status of the battle?

VietNamNet Bridge - Trung Nguyen Coffee’s owner – Dang Le Nguyen Vu, who is called the ‘Vietnamese Coffee King’, challenged Starbucks to a duel when the US café chain entered Vietnam.

Is Trung Nguyen a giant or a Tom Thumb?

VietNamNet Bridge - Trung Nguyen Coffee is a giant in the instant coffee market, but is not yet a big coffee exporter.

VN instant coffee market shifts focus to quality

 Instant coffee producers operating in Vietnam are expected to produce roughly 675,000 metric tons of instant coffee in 2015, according to estimates provided by the Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association.

Vietnam’s coffee industry loses global market share

 The global market share of Vietnamese coffee has shrunk from 22 percent in 2014 to 18 percent this year even though the country is still the world’s second biggest coffee exporter.

F&B market bustling with series of franchise contracts

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has allowed 137 business people and 148 brands to enter the Vietnamese market over the last eight years

Investors in convenience stores have mixed success

VietNamNet Bridge - Convenience stores look to be a very profitable business, but many investors have not had great success.