On March 7, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement on training and science and technology development between FPT and the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) was held in Hanoi.

At the event, Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT, said that five years ago FPT felt "short of breath" when trying to recruit talented tech engineers who had just graduated from university. FPT found it very difficult to compete with foreign companies in Vietnam.

“When analyzing the salaries, bonuses and job conditions offered to new graduates, we found that Vietnamese companies were far behind multinationals,” Khoa recalled.

Since then, FPT has made changes to attract and retain high-quality technology engineers. They made salaries and bonuses to equal to or higher than those offered by multinationals in Vietnam; and they pose big questions and global challenges. In addition, FPT took a daring move by recruiting an HR director of the 9X generation.

Khoa, speaking at the 2023 VINASA (Vietnam Software & IT Services) strategic meeting held recently, member companies for the first time said it was difficult to attract FPT personnel. This is contrary to previous years, when they just needed to offer a slightly higher salaries.

The two reasons behind the change are the higher income of FPT workers and the global questions being addressed, which bring great opportunities to technology officers.

Talking about the cooperation with PTIT, Khoa said the institute is one of the schools that provides many high-quality workers to FPT. 

As many as 1,042 former PTIT students work for FPT. Many of them are leaders or hold important positions in Vietnam and other countries, including FPT Software director in charge of the European market Le Hong Hai; FPT Software Production Director Vu Tien Dat; and FPT Telecom Branch Deputy Director Nguyen Xuan Bach. 

Tu Minh Phuong, Chair of PTIT, said the two units have had many significant cooperation deals. PTIT’s first training course produced only 40 graduates and one-quarter of them worked at FPT. 

Around 200 students have spent their internship at FPT during some years. 

Under the newly signed agreement, FPT will create favorable conditions for PTIT students and lecturers for internships and research at FPT and member companies belonging to FPT. 

The corporation will also grant scholarships to PTIT higher education programs and support the building of school facilities and laboratories.

PTIT will join forces with FPT to create postgraduate training programs and in-depth training, satisfying demand for high-quality human resources for FPT.

Trong Dat