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Coc Coc CEO embraces challenges of AI

While admitting that Coc Coc AI Chat was launched when AI-based chatbots have no clear business model, Coc Coc CEO Nguyen Vu Anh still believes that Coc Coc should not stand outside the trend, for the sake of users’ benefits.

Vietnamese IoT market expected to reach US$7 billion in 2025

Viettel Telecoms yesterday held a conference named ‘Viettel M2M IoT’ in Hanoi to discuss infrastructure and platforms for the growth of IoT in Vietnam.

VN facing challenges ensuring information security in digital era

In the inevitable digital transformation process, the volume of sensitive data has gradually increased on various digital platforms, making data security tasks the vital mission.

Vietnam needs more software engineers

Software engineers can earn 1,190 USD/month, which is high in Vietnam. However, the supply of human resources in the IT field has not met demand.

Vietnam's AI robot introduced

The robot Anan can understand Vietnamese voices and guide learners. Parents can also receive reports on their child's psychological status and learning results through the app.

NA deputies discussed amendments to the Law on Telecommunications

After more than 12 years of implementation, the law and its accompanying regulations have established a legal framework that promotes competition and enables businesses to participate in the market.

CMC Global - The young brand with high ambitions

After six years of operation, though being the youngest unit of CMC Group, CMC Global has made outstanding development, becoming an internationally-recognized company in software export and IT services that brings Vietnam's IT products to the world.

Vietnam firms attract talents for participation in global microchip supply chain

Localities and domestic enterprises are having solutions to attract integrated circuit designers for participation in the global microchip supply chain.

Apple announces removal of over 8,000 apps of Vietnamese origin

Apple removed more than 8,000 apps of Vietnamese origin from the App Store in 2022, citing the first transparency report published by Apple related to the app store.

Vietnamese among top 10 countries in app downloads

Vietnam was among the top 10 countries in the world in the number of app downloads in 2022. The amount of money spent by Vietnamese to buy apps has been increasing rapidly.

Vietnam's ICT services revenue hits US$47.6 billion

Vietnam's information and communications services reached VND1.13 quadrillion ($47.6 billion) in the first four months of 2023.

Nokia and a strong vision for Vietnam with its refreshed brand

Amid the digital and green transition, Nokia has made an updated company and technology strategy, and unveiled a refreshed brand, as part of its long-term strategic transformation.

Vietnam lacks software engineers, though tech firms offer attractive pay

Mid-level software engineers can receive up to $1,190 a month. Though tech firms pay attractive wages, they still are finding it difficult to recruit experienced software engineers who can satisfy their requirements.

Vietnam faces shortage of IT workforce

The shortfall comes from mismatching programmer skills and business needs.

Lacking workers, IT firms hire economics graduates

The CEO of a tech firm in Da Nang said the number of information technology (IT) workers now available in the market can satisfy only 50 percent of total demand.

Vietnam wants to expand digital technology to international markets

Going abroad to compete, conquer, and increase revenues is now one priority of all Vietnamese telecoms, digital technology enterprises.

CMC TS and CMC Global achieve Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization

CMC TS and CMC Global have announced to get the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialization.

Ample room ahead to export local digital technology products

Vietnam’s digital technology industry will have plenty of opportunities to boost the export of “Make-in-Vietnam” products worldwide, providing that the Ant System Colony model is replicated among local digital technology businesses.

Two factors help tech firm retain talented staff

High pay and opportunities to solve global questions are two factors that have helped FPT retain its high-quality personnel.

Domestic digital companies urged to go global to tap into trillion-dollar market

Vietnamese digital companies should expand their reach to tap into the trillion-dollar global market where the opportunities are abundant for the high-quality IT engineering team of Viet Nam, experts urged at a conference on the matter.