Update news urbanization

Urbanisation ratio expected to reach 53.9% in 2023

The Ministry of Construction (MoC) has set a target of raising the urbanisation ratio of the country to 53.9% in 2023.

Hanoi construction density from above

Many areas in Hanoi have seen high construction density with houses and high buildings due to rapid urbanisation.

By 2045, Vietnam wants to have five metropolises of international stature

Vietnam's action plan to achieve Resolution No.06-NQ/TW of the Politburo calls for the establishment of five vibrant urban metropolises by 2045.

Land fever: speculators spread rumors to push prices up

Land prices recently soared by VND30-50 million per square meter in some places, but the number of successful transactions was modest.

Amid 'land fever', Can Gio district prohibits civil servants from working as land brokers

Land prices in the HCM City suburban district of Can Gio have been soaring following the news that Can Gio will become an inner city district, or a city in the future. The local authorities have prohibited civil servants from acting as land brokers.

Controlling motorbike emissions is key to ease air pollution in Vietnam

Motorbike emissions are a major reason for air pollution. More seriously, old motorcycles banned from traffic are still rolling on streets.

Ha Long mangrove forests disappear as urbanization speeds up

Ha Long City residents are concerned as rapid urbanization in recent years has affected mangrove forests in the city.

Urban areas experiencing more flooding after heavy rains

VietNamNet Bridge - Experts have found a link between urbanization and the increased risk of flooding from heavy rainfall.

Rapid urbanization worsening environmental dangers in VN

ADB said urbanization in Vietnam has been proceeding very quickly, as seen in the expansion of the administrative boundary of Hanoi and HCM City, where formerly agricultural land is now being used for industrial, trade and service activities.

HCM City needs huge capital for flood-prevention programmes

As the local budget is limited, HCM City authorities have called for investment in 17 anti-flood projects under different investment modes.

Hanoi floods after every rain; who should be blamed?

VietNamNet Bridge - Half of the natural lakes and ponds in Hanoi have filled up in the last 10 years. 

Hanoi’s shrinking green space

 As more high-rises have been built in urban areas, more trees have been chopped down and the green space has shrunk.

Urbanization worsens environment along Huong River

VietNamNet Bridge - Along Huong River, from mountain to estuary, the environment is at risk of being disrupted by natural disasters and urbanization.

Poor planning undermining VN's cities

 VietNamNet Bridge – Rapid urbanisation in Viet Nam has caused headaches for local governments to deal with the planning of cities, experts said at recent seminar.

HCM City faces dengue threat as urbanisation increases

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Thi To Tam and her husband live in Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, a densely populated area in Binh Tan District with some of the highest rates of dengue fever in the city.