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VietNamNet Bridge - Brand new cars are being sold at hundreds of millions of dong lower than initial prices, while used cars remain unsold. 

Dirt-cheap cars could turn Vietnam into car dumping ground

VietNamNet Bridge - As CBU (complete built unit) car imports have become cheaper than ever and regulations have been loosened on import control, Vietnam could turn into a dumping ground for low-tech, low-quality cars.

Ministry's initiative: to make cars not yet manufactured in regional market

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has proposed an original idea – manufacturing car models that other regional production bases do not make.

Low-cost car manufacturers can’t find opportunities in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Though demand for low-cost cars in Vietnam is high, low-cost car manufacturers have failed to enter the market.

Is the Euro 4 emissions plan feasible?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has six years to implement the plan to apply Euro 4 emission standards for vehicles, but the plan is encountering problems, according to analysts. 

Assembled-in-Vietnam cars are twice as expensive as Thailand’s

Car prices in Vietnam are nearly two times higher than in other countries in the region such as Thailand and Indonesia, and much higher than in countries with developed automobile industries such as the US and Japan. 

Car market to see changes with new regulations

The domestic market will open more widely to foreign cars as enterprises now will not be required to submit as many documents as they did before, as stipulated in Circular No 20/2011.

How cheap will cars be once tariffs are cut to zero percent?

VietNamNet Bridge - The tariff cut to zero percent will pave the way for imports from ASEAN to flood Vietnam, but analysts do not think low-cost cars will be available by 2018. 

Vietnamese auto manufacturers swim against the stream

VietNamNet Bridge - Thanh Cong and Truong Hai are determined to export cars, despite a cut in import tariffs on cars scheduled to take effect in 2018. 

Will Russian cars sell well in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - Russian cars have many loyal fans in Vietnam, but many complain that the cars are unaffordable.

Vietnam will not retain Japanese automakers at any cost: economists

VietNamNet Bridge - Though appreciating Japanese support to Vietnam’s industries, economists say that Japanese automobile manufacturers’ claims for investment incentives are unreasonable.

Vinaxuki's demise reflects problems in economy

Ninety-six percent of Vietnam’s enterprises are small businesses, with the majority having 10 workers or less. Only 2 percent of enterprises are large in size, while another 2 percent are medium size. 

Japanese investors still looking for Vietnamese manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - Japanese investors attach high importance to expanding their investments in Vietnam. However, the localization ratio of their products remains modest, at 34 percent, much lower than that in other regional countries.

Would Vietnamese automakers prosper if foreign counterparts leave?

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists and representatives of Vietnamese automobile enterprises believe the threatened departure of foreign automobile manufacturers would not be a problem for Vietnam.

Hanoi vows to eliminate 2.5 million old, polluting motorbikes

VietNamNet Bridge - The Hanoi authorities are trying to recall 2.5 million old motorbikes which discharge harmful substances to the environment. However, observers don’t think the solution is feasible. 

Japanese automakers threaten to leave Vietnam again

VietNamNet Bridge - Japanese automobile manufacturers have discussed the possibility of relocating their factories to regional countries because of Vietnam’s weak supporting industries.

Will Vietnam’s fisheries weather the storms in 2017?

VietNamNet Bridge - So many big seafood companies have met with misfortune that some analysts have predicted the decline of the industry.

Tariffs are cut, import prices fall, but cars are still pricey

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite tariff cuts and low import prices, Vietnamese still have to pay high prices to buy cars because of high taxes and fees.

Indian cars cheapest, French most expensive in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - While Indian cars are cheap with the average import price of VND84 million, French autos are the most expensive with the average import price of VND1.3 billion.

Local companies aim to become satellite businesses for foreign firms

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese enterprises are working hard to become suppliers of parts and accessories for foreign electronics manufacturers.