Update news VAMC

VietNamNet Bridge - A number of projects left unimplemented for many years have changed hands, while more and more large transfer deals have been reported recently.

Bad debt rises, but not at worrying levels

VietNamNet Bridge - The outstanding loans of most commercial banks increased in the first half of the year, while non-performing loans (NPL) also rose slightly.

Bad debt settlement goes slowly because of lack of debt market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam was expected to establish a debt trading market in 2015, but the Ministry of Finance cannot say clearly when the legal framework for the market will be set up.

Banks scramble to sell assets to recover bad debts

Since Vietnam Asset Management Company seized Sai Gon One Tower using the authority conferred on it by Resolution 42 on settling bad debts, several banks have followed suit and offered mortgaged assets for sale 

Banks increase foreclosures on mortgaged properties to collect debt

As investors have fallen into insolvency, many large properties have been distrained by commercial banks and put up for sale. HOREA estimates that about 500 projects have become ‘clinically dead’. 

Banks still struggling to settle bad debts

VietNamNet Bridge - Sacombank and VP Bank are leading the list of banks with the highest NPL (non-performing loans) ratios.

Who will buy multi-trillion VND worth of debts?

VietNamNet Bridge - Both Vietnamese and foreign investors say they are willing to buy assets linked to bank debts. 

Multi-trillion VND worth of bad debt put on sale

A number of valuable properties such as real estate projects, machinery and equipment worth up to trillions of dong have been distrained and brought to auction by commercial banks. Debtors are also selling their assets to pay debts.

Multi-trillion VND properties seized by banks for foreclosure

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) and commercial banks have been seizing a series of valuable real estate assets to collect debts.

VAMC takes serious measures to collect debt

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) has begun using its right to seize mortgaged assets given to it by Resolution 42 on settling bad debts. 

Foreign investors shun properties with bank debt

VAMC (Vietnam Asset Management Company) is now holding VND230 trillion worth of bad debt, including real estate which is used as collateral for bad debts it has purchased from commercial banks.

Banks fear new law may hinder debt collection

Commercial banks said the 2015 Civil Code, to take effect on January 1, 2017, stipulates that if asset holders refuse to hand over their assets, which act as collateral for loans, banks will only have the right to sue for assets.

Banks cut back lending for property sector

 VietNamNet Bridge – The interest rates on medium- and long-term loans to the property sector have recently increased by 1-1.5 percentage points.

Settlement of VN banks' bad debts faces hurdles

Though the bad debt ratio of the banking system has been reported to drop to below 3 percent of its outstanding loans, how to deal with the amount of bad debt stuck at the Vietnam Asset Management Company  is still a troublesome job.

Half of FIEs take losses, but still record best business performance

VCCI's Vietnam Business Annual Report 2015 shows that half of foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) take losses but have the highest ROA (return on assets), ROE (return on equity) and ROS (return on sales) indexes.

Newly appointed State Bank Governor to settle bad debts

VietNamNet Bridge - The Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Le Minh Hung, as soon as he took office, released two documents with instructions to settle commercial banks’ debts.

Experts warn of new bad debts

VietNamNet Bridge – Experts are concerned about new non-performing loans rising significantly while the Viet Nam Asset Management Company (VAMC) still has to devise radical measures to resolve bad debts acquired from banks. 

Bad debt at VAMC is actually double the bad debt on books

VietNamNet Bridge - The bad debt ratio of the banking system has been reported as dropping to 2.9 percent. However, the figure does not truly reflect the bad debt panorama.

Banks still cannot put bad debt burden down

VietNamNet Bridge - The bad debt ratio of the banking system has decreased, but the bad debt value has begun to increase again.

Banks sell non-performing loans to reduce bad debt

VietNamNet Bridge – Commercial banks offloaded a large volume of non-performing loans (NPLs) to the Viet Nam Asset Management Company (VAMC) in 2015 to reduce the bad debt rate to below 3 per cent.