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Zero-percent tariffs prove Vietnamese shrimp exporters’ transparency

Although the DOC’s announcement of zero-percent antidumping tariffs on 31 Vietnamese shrimp exporters is just a preliminary decision, the transparency of Vietnamese businesses has been proven, an official has said.


Vietnamese shrimp exporters to US to enjoy zero tariffs

As many as 31 shrimp exporters of Vietnam to the US have been exempted from anti-dumping tariffs, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) on April 10.


How will Vietnam’s catfish industry fare amid the rise of new rivals?

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has been advised to increase  catfish output to force prices down, to improve competitiveness over other countries. However, this solution has stirred controversy.

Seafood exports sell poorly in domestic market

Many seafood companies’ products, which can satisfy high standards to enter the US, EU and Japan, cannot be sold in the domestic market because of technical barriers.

Foreign media campaigns influence barriers to Vietnam seafood exports

The shortcomings in the Vietnam seafood industry have been exaggerated by foreign media, placing obstacles on domestic seafood exports.

Will Vietnam businesses become export agents for China?

VietNamNet Bridge - Economists have warned that the Vietnam economy will “bear a lot of damage from the US-China trade war”.

Seafood products meet barriers to supermarket entry

VietNamNet Bridge - Seafood companies complain that retailers are playing tricks to dislodge their products out of supermarket chains.

Vietnam sees great opportunities to boost catfish exports

If the US-China trade war escalates, Vietnam would have opportunities to boost exports to both markets. Meanwhile, the US is considering allowing Vietnam to continue exporting catfish to the country.

VN seafood companies face barriers in home market

VietNamNet Bridge - Seafood companies are concerned as the year-end and Tet sale season nears, the doors to supermarkets are closed to their products.

Vietnam no longer the only catfish producer

VietNamNet Bridge - Over the last 20 years, catfish has been the exclusive product of Vietnam. But other countries are stepping up catfish production, becoming rivals for Vietnam.

Vietnam’s catfish sector faces slander campaigns in foreign media

Vietnam’s catfish has run into trouble in several EU countries because of misleading information in the media. 

VN shrimp exporters in tough situation because of SIMP

The US initiated Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP), to take effect from December 31, has created significant challenges for shrimp exporters.

Business continue to worry about exchange rate fluctuations

VietNamNet Bridge - The currencies of many countries have depreciated sharply against the dollar, thus affecting the competitiveness of Vietnam’s goods.

Businesses facing increased risks in international trade

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese businesses have been reportedly tricked by foreign partners from Morocco, Canada, New Zealand and the US recently.

Catfish and shrimp farmers struggle as markets shrink

Both catfish and shrimp are meeting difficulties in exports because of the shrinking market. However, while catfish farmers still can make a profit, farmers of white-legged shrimp cannot.

Measures sought to facilitate Vietnam’s shrimp export to US

High anti-dumping tariff and the US Seafood Import Monitoring Programme (SIMP) are now key barriers facing Vietnamese shrimp exporters. 

The door for Vietnamese products to US market narrows

Vietnamese exporters have been warned that it will be more difficult to export products to the US as the US administration has increased local production protection and tightened control over imports.

Illegal shrimp hatcheries cause environmental damage

VietNamNet Bridge - In many shrimp cultivation areas, farmers are not treating waste water from shrimp ponds, but are allowing untreated waste water to go directly into the environment.

Catfish falls in price as Vietnamese master technology, increase productivity

VietNamNet Bridge - Twenty years ago, Vietnam succeeded in having shark catfish (including tra – or Pangasius hypophthalmus and basa, or Pangasius bocourti) reproduced artificially. 

Catfish exporters optimistic about China, pessimistic about US

Catfish exports to China have been increasing rapidly, but Vietnam fears it may lose the US market.