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Two seafood “kings” see profits fall as business problems mount

Because of unexpected changes in the market or poor business decisions, Minh Phu and Hung Vuong, the kings in the seafood industry, have been seeing a severe drop in profits. 

Tra fish exports steady after new US food safety rule

Exports of tra fish to the United States have remained stable after it imposed a demand that exporting countries demonstrate that their food safety control system is equivalent to that of the US.

US to partially rescind anti-dumping administrative review on VN shrimp

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) has rescinded an administrative review of antidumping duties on certain frozen warmwater shrimp imported from Vietnam from February 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017.

New programme to tighten control of catfish exported to US

MARD has issued a safety control programme designed for Siluriformes fish (mainly tra and basa) and related products exported to the US market as part of efforts to adapt to new changes in the market.

Vietnam may sue the US for trade barriers on catfish exports

Vietnam may sue the US at the World Trade Organization (WTO) if the US Farm Bill adversely affects Vietnam’s exports. 

Vietnam to export products through official channels to China

VietNamNet Bridge - Though China is the biggest export market for Vietnam, most of the exports go through unofficial channels. 

The hard lot of Vietnam’s shrimp industry

VietNamNet Bridge - Never before has Vietnam’s shrimp industry met such difficulties, as technical barriers have been used in large importing markets.

Trade barriers may seriously affect Vietnam’s seafood industry

A number of seafood companies have been dissolved or have halted operation, while trade barriers from import countries are expected to.pose challenges to Vietnam’s fishery sector.

Vietnam’s catfish exports face bad press in Europe

Vietnam’s catfish industry has encountered bad press in recent months. Carrefour, the largest retail group in Europe, announced the stop of the sale of Vietnam’s catfish in Spain, Italy, France and countries where the group has branches.

Gov't, ministries, bankers and businesses cooperate to breed shrimp

VietNamNet Bridge - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has decided that Vietnam should become the shrimp production base of the world. 

Seafood sector aims high despite barriers in international market

VietNamNet Bridge - Seafood producers and exporters have been warned that many barriers, from protectionism to media campaigns, will affect them in the international market in 2017.

Mekong Delta catfish farmers urged to protect environment

VietNamNet Bridge - The loss rate in catfish farming has been increasing in recent years, mainly due to environmental damage. 

Shrimp breeding moves from ponds to glass houses

VietNamNet Bridge - Breeding shrimp in glass houses not only improves productivity, but also helps minimize pollution. 

Vietnam: a global seafood processing base ?

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Seafood Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) believes that Vietnam is capable of becoming an important global seafood production base.

Vietnam still imports products from China that are plentiful at home

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam spent $32 billion on imports from China in the first eight months of the year, including products which are plentiful in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s shrimp gets stuck in the US

VietNamNet Bridge - The US has decided to impose new anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s shrimp, five times higher than previous years and two to three times higher than duties imposed on Vietnam's competitors.

Appropriating hundreds of billions of dong, Vietnamese tycoons flee abroad

VietNamNet Bridge - After swindling partners and appropriating huge sums of money, a number of tycoons have fled abroad. Some of them have been arrested, while others have settled down in other countries.

Catfish market in chaos as Chinese traders cease buying oversized fish

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese catfish breeders have seen sales drops as Chinese traders are no longer buying oversized fish bred for the big market.

New tax rate on artemia imports hurts shrimp breeding industry

VietNamNet Bridge - Artermia egg importers have complained that if they have to pay 5 percent import tax arrears, they will be pushed into a corner, while farmers will suffer the most.

How will Brexit affect farming in Vietnam?

 VietNamNet Bridge – The EU has been an important consumption market for Vietnam agribusiness for decades and Brexit is leaving farmers deeply conflicted on what the ultimate outcome on their livelihoods would be.