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Ngo Quy Nham, a lecturer at the Hanoi University of Foreign Trade, says that plagiarism has reached a ‘terrible’ level, and in most cases, plagiarists are not punished. 

University students’ plagiarism at a “terrible” level: educators

VietNamNet Bridge - Only a small percentage of university students and postgraduates in Vietnam are able to write essays that meet ethical academic standards, educators say. 

‘Plagiarism’ or ‘unprofessional quoting’?: decision stirs debate

VietNamNet Bridge - The conclusion by the Academy of Social Sciences about an allegedly plagiarized doctoral dissertation that it contained only ‘unprofessional quoting’ has stirred controversy.

Arts and culture schools lack PhD students

VietNamNet Bridge - Many schools have complained that it is difficult to find PhD students for some arts and culture majors because of inadequate doctoral requirements.

Doctoral dissertation on typography stirs controversy

VietNamNet Bridge - “The art of typography in designing book covers in 2005-2015”, the theme of a doctoral dissertation, has stirred controversy among the public, but academics have defended it. 

50 percent of PhDs in Vietnam are civil servants

VietNamNet Bridge - A recent report shows that 50 percent of titled professors and PhDs are working at state management agencies. 

As easy as producing theses for graduate programs

Experts believe that the low quality of master’s and PhD theses is the consequence of the training system in which both students and teachers do not strive for genuine academic achievement.

Education & Training Ministry sets stricter requirements to produce ‘authentic PhDs’

“I am sure that doctoral training quality will improve. There will not be many candidates who can meet the requirements to be trained for a doctorate and not everyone can become a PhD students’ instructor,” said MOET Deputy Minister Bui Van Ga.

VASS doctoral incubator ‘hatches’ 1 PhD every 1.76 days

VietNamNet Bridge - At the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), one teacher guides up to 44 PhD students and one PhD is produced every 1.76 days.

Doctoral training in Vietnam: cheap or expensive?

A Phd programme in Vietnam requires VND15 million in tuition costs a year, while the average cost is $15,000 (VND200 million) in developed countries. 

Vietnam has many scientific works, few hi-tech enterprises

In 2011-2015, Vietnam had 11,738 scientific works published internationally, but had only 20 percent of industrial enterprises with modern technologies and most of them are foreign invested ones.

Vietnam should limit excessive number of PhDs, say education experts

VietNamNet Bridge - The ‘PhD inflation’ is the hottest topic on education forums these days. MOET is now compiling new regulations on PhD training with an aim to improve training quality.

How much does it take to have an ISI article?

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) needed VND2 trillion to maintain its operation in the last five years. But it only had 22 ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) articles during that time.

What are the graduation requirements for PhD students in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The training method for doctoral students "does not resemble any other country in the world’, which has produced low-quality theses and ‘tien si giay’ (paper PhDs), as called by Vietnamese. 

PhD inflation in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Many PhD dissertations are seen as ‘useless’ and ‘nonsensical’. Why does Vietnam have too many PhDs?

Vietnam furthers cooperation with Europe in field study

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam has become a party to the newly-signed charter to establish a Public Interest Group (GIP) of the European Consortium for Asian Field Study (ECAF).

Economy may worsen this year, says VASS

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s economy may further worsen this year if there are no drastic measures adopted right now, according to the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences (VASS),