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Vietnam among top 25 most viewed countries on TikTok

The nation ranked sixth on the list of the top 25 most viewed countries on popular social media platform TikTok with 107 million hits.


Ho Chi Minh City ranks fifth on the list of the 10 most viewed cities on TikTok 

The study was carried out by Superdry, a UK-based branded clothing company. It analysed the viewing figures of thousands of travel-related hashtags on the video-sharing platform in order to compile a ranking of the most-watched landmarks, cities, and countries globally.

Therefore, a list of 193 countries, 292 cities, and 1,095 attractions was compiled, with their respective hashtags analysed to discover which had the most views.

The results show that Vietnam was ranked sixth, just behind Japan, Russia, Mexico, the United States, and China.

Elsewhere, Thailand ranked in eighth place in the list with 95.1 million hits.

In another category, Ho Chi Minh City ranked fifth on the list of the 10 most viewed cities on TikTok with 32.6 million hits.

Topping the list was New York City with 114 million views, followed by Seoul of the Republic of Korea, Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, and Jakarta of Indonesia.

Source: VOV