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Vietnam is one of five of YouTube’s biggest global markets. (Illustrative image)



Five of YouTube's biggest global markets are in Asia: India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

"All of them have year-on-year growth levels that are very high double digits, or, in some cases, triple digit annual growth," Vidyasagar told CNBC's Nancy Hungerford at the APOS conference in Bali, Indonesia. "Mobile consumption, actually, really started showing up as a game-changer from this region."

According to Ajay Vidyasagar, Alphabet's video platform YouTube has "extraordinary momentum" in Asia Pacific, both in terms of the number of users and how frequently they use the service.

Nearly 85% of India's YouTube consumption is through mobile devices, according to Vidyasagar.

Asia is home to some of the largest smartphone markets in the world, including India and Indonesia. Moreover, the development of high-speed mobile internet connections has also made video content more accessible to users than in the past, when most people watched television instead.

YouTube has more than a billion users worldwide.

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