Việt Nam tiên phong áp dụng nhiều công nghệ mới trong thương mại điện tử

An employee checks goods in the warehouse of an e-commerce shipping company. (Photo: Ninja Van)


Many experts say that Covid-19 has been the main factor promoting the development of e-commerce. The pandemic has changed people's shopping habits.

The logistics system is also important, and technology plays a very important role in transport. 

Phan Xuan Dung, Sales Director at Ninja Van Vietnam, told ICT news that Vietnam has been a pioneer in applying new technologies in e-commerce that many regional countries and others have not even considered.

There are two important technological factors used in the transport stage in Vietnam.

Firstly, Vietnamese who buy goods online expect to receive their goods quickly. So, delivery companies are forced to optimize the process for the fastest delivery. To do so, technology must help shippers know what kind of goods they will receive in the near future, how to arrange them on the vehicle, and then discover the route to deliver the goods as quickly as possible.

Secondly, in order for the delivery to take place quickly, in the warehouse it is necessary to have an automatic calculation technology system to optimize arrangement and circulation. For example, companies often create an automatic conveyor belt to increase goods loading capacity and labor productivity. This line can be upgraded by adding algorithms, so that the packages of goods for the furthest customer are placed at the bottom of the bag, and packages delivered to the closest customers are at the top. The same applies when loading goods on trucks or planes. Packages that need to be dropped off first are on the outside.

Dung said that there are many technological features that only Vietnam are using. This is because technology companies in Vietnam are dynamic and have good execution ability, and Vietnamese people easily adapt to new things.

For example, goods delivery companies in Vietnam can use a large database system to predict the best-selling items to serve sellers in the process of purchasing goods.

Dung said that the multi-channel online trading ecosystem in Vietnam is among the most diverse in the region. Sellers and buyers not only buy goods on e-commerce channels but can also buy goods on personal Facebook pages, on social networking channels, in online shopping groups, or through websites or apps developed by the seller.

Hai Dang

E-commerce promotes Vietnam's digital economy

E-commerce promotes Vietnam's digital economy

While tourism has been hit hard by Covid-19, e-commerce has become the driving force for the digital economy in Vietnam this year.