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Domestic auto market shows signs of recovery

Cautious optimism as Vietnam’s car market shows tentative signs of growth, which is expected to improve even more with new government policies to support the sector.

Mitsubishi chooses Vietnam for XFC Concept debut

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation held the world premiere of the Mitsubishi XFC Concept, a compact SUV, in Ho Chi Minh City on October 19.

Old rules may hinder VN’s automobile industry development

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) wants to apply regulations for the automobile industry which existed 17-18 years ago, but the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) wants to remove them.

Vietnam scrambles to meet global car-making standards

Many carmakers are hunting for suppliers to meet the demand that has been rising since last year, as well as counter the increasing prices of palladium, nickel, and aluminium for their components.

Policy vision: outdated regulations hold back auto industry

Looking back at the history of the automobile industry in Vietnam, the biggest limitation is the vision and capacity of policy makers.

More foreign auto manufacturers find their way to Vietnam

The Vietnamese auto market will be busier when several foreign automobile companies invest in Vietnam.

Portraits of Made-in-Vietnam automakers

Mr. Tran Van Tam, the owner of a homemade electric car, was recentlyy introduced on a British news site. Tam’s road from a dream to research and development of cars was a difficult journey.

Automakers warned against underestimating reputation of Chinese cars

Contrary to all predictions, Chinese cars continue to flow into Vietnam and sales have been increasing steadily, despite Covid-19 and the poor reputation of Chinese brands.

Localization-ratio rules in auto manufacturing remains controversial

The regulations on defining a localization ratio for automobile products are out of date, according to experts.

Registration fees for domestically manufactured and assembled cars to be cut by 50%

According to Decree 103 issued by the Government on November 26, the first-paid registration fee for cars manufactured and assembled locally will be reduced by 50% from December 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.

Positive signs for year-end car shopping

Car sales in Vietnam increased by 52 percent last month after five consecutive months of decline, showing positive signs for the car market at the end of the year.

Vietnam’s automobile supporting industry remains underdeveloped

Only a few spare parts are produced domestically, forcing domestic manufacturing and assembling enterprises to import automobile spare parts from other sources, experts said.

Automobile producers struggle with lack of microchip

Semiconductor chip shortage has caused a crisis for major automobile producers in the world, forcing them to suspend production and extend the time to deliver their products, 

VN auto manufacturers hit hard for last two years

The Vietnamese auto market prospered for a few years before being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but sales of locally assembled cars have fallen.

Roadmap needed to develop ‘clean’ auto industry

To develop electric vehicle industry, charging stations, batteries and reasonable prices are all needed. But an overall policy for these issues is not yet available in Vietnam, particularly battery waste disposal and treatment.

New regulations to change Vietnam automobile industry in 2021

Cars in Vietnam since 2021 are subject to new regulations such as registration fee, import tariff, and higher emission standards.

Finance ministry wants car registration fee cut suspended

The Ministry of Finance has written to the prime minister proposing a halt to the reduction in the registration fee for locally assembled or manufactured cars, 


Vietnam gov’t eyes further preferential policies to support automobile industry

Existing incentive policies are not attractive enough to encourage local enterprises to further invest in the automobile industry.

The wealthy continue to spend big money on cars despite Covid-19

While Covid-19 has had a big impact on the economy and most people, it has not hurt the rich. They are stil spending big money on luxury car models.

Manufacturers aim to make enough cars for Vietnamese market

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) is drafting a plan on solutions to take full advantage of the opportunities to be brought by the investment relocation wave after Covid-19 to develop supporting industries