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Some foreign financial organisations have issued relatively positive predictions for Vietnam’s economy this year, with growth expected at 6.5 - 6.7 percent.

Customs procedures reformed, but still burdening enterprises

The required customs procedures related to imports and exports have been simplified but enterprises are far from satisfied.

Vietnam targets GDP per capita at US$3,900 in 2022

The Government has issued Resolution 01/NQ-CP on socioeconomic targets for 2022, following which the Government targets a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 6%-6.5% and GDP per capita at US$3,900.

Vietnam has 683,600 operational firms: economic census

As of December 31, 2020, Vietnam counted 683,600 operational enterprises, up 35.3 percent from 2016, the 2021 economic census revealed.

Positive outlook for insurance stocks as 2022 arrives

State capital divestment planning and the removal of limitations on foreign ownership are expected to drive insurance stocks to flourish in 2022.

AmCham Vietnam to promote increased trade and investment ties in Vietnam

AmCham will continue to work on lowering barriers to trade and creating a high-standard, transparent, and stable business environment in Vietnam.

Economic prospects for the world and Vietnam

The severity and persistence of inflation worldwide have surprised most central banks and organizations that offer economic forecasts. 

Hanoi completes nearly 546,000 square meters of floor area in 2021

Despite the ongoing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, housing development is still being promoted.

Vietnam aims to have 7 world-class state-owned corporations

The world is changing, with many great opportunities opening up for Vietnam. However, Vietnamese state-owned corporations, which have both financial and human resources potential, are unable to reach out to the world to seize these opportunities. 

Vietnam needs large-sized corporations

After 30 years of development, South Korea has had hundreds of large-sized corporations, while most Vietnamese businesses are small and medium-sized after three decades of Doi Moi (reform).

Flexibility is key in fighting the pandemic

No extreme solution – full opening or closing – will work in the context of Covid-19. ‘Flexibility’ is the principle used in wartime and applies to this situation.

Prime Minister outlines achievements and challenges for 2022

Speaking at the close of the online conference between the Government and localities on Jan 5, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh pointed out 10 achievements, five external risks and six internal challenges.

Businesses worry about return of “old barriers”

The draft revised Decree 107/2018/ND-CP on rice export has worried local rice exporters as business conditions that had been previously removed may return.

Vietnam sets GDP target 6-6.5 per cent, vaccine coverage highest among nations

Vietnam has set a 6-6.5% GDP growth target and US$3,900 in GDP per capita for 2022 with a focus on COVID-19 prevention and control and economic recovery, said top leaders during an online conference with localities across the country yesterday. 

Businesses still make high profits in 2021 despite Covid-19

While the majority of businesses have complained about difficulties caused by the pandemic, others have reported high profits.

‘Don’t rest on your laurels’

If Vietnamese only think about achievements and ignore the warnings about macroeconomic risks, they will just be ‘resting on their laurels’, Party Chief Nguyen Phu Trong has said.

Economy hits ‘U-shape’ bottom, Vietnam warned of failing to keep pace with world

Pandemic developments remain complicated. Hundreds of thousand of businesses faced difficulties in 2021 after resuming production after lockdown.

Industrial development needs State’s long-term vision

To develop the processing and manufacturing industry, the State needs to have stronger policies that focus on domestic enterprises. To have strong policies, it needs strong resources.

Vietnam needs more private corporations

After over 30 years of Doi Moi (reform), Vietnam has had large private groups operating in many industries with international stature. There are also Vietnamese USD billionaires, but only a handful.


Foreign investment in Vietnam expected to enjoy breakthrough in 2022

Despite facing various difficulties, it remains entirely possible to be optimistic about the outlook for foreign investment attraction moving into 2022, with many commitments regarding investment in major projects being made by foreign investors.