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Closing the final trading session of 2021 today, December 31, the VN-Index of the Hochiminh Stock Exchange gained 12.31 points, extending its rally for the second day, as many big-cap stocks moved into positive territory.

Land auction in Thu Thiem has loopholes: HoREA

The auction of four land lots in the Thu Thiem New Urban Area in HCMC’s Thu Duc City has many loopholes, which may negatively impact the local real estate sector and the economy, according to the HCMC Real Estate Association (HoREA).

Energy development – strategic task towards industrialisation

Developing energy is a strategic task to realise the goal of industrialisation and modernisation.

Top 10 major economic events in 2021

2021 has been a turbulent year for economies around the world, including Vietnam, due to the complex development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vietnam’s GDP grows by 2.58 percent in 2021: GSO

Vietnam’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021 is estimated to expand by 2.58 percent from the previous year as the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed adverse impacts on all fields of the national economy.

It’s time for Vietnam to change

The two most labor-intensive industries in Vietnam - textiles/apparel and footwear - which employ nearly 4 million workers - have become vulnerable to impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s time for a change.

When Vietnam has to import farm produce

Vietnam’s farm produce import turnover reached record highs in 2021. The country for the first time saw high exports of rice, cashew and pepper.

When everything must be imported: developing a better support industry

If it does not take advantage of opportunities, Vietnam will need at least two more decades to reach the per capita added value in the processing and manufacturing industry for newly industrialized countries.

A tael of gold in Vietnam worth $500 more than world prices

Gold prices in Vietnam are much higher than international prices, driven by a supply-demand imbalance and price manipulation. A tael (37.5g) of gold in Vietnam is about US$500 more than in the rest of the world.

Smart grid – key to optimize renewable energy grid

The country’s road map aims to improve the quality and reliability of the national power supply and the efficient use of electricity.

Vietnam's growth potential lies in the digital economy

The digital economy in Vietnam accounts for about 8.2% of GDP. The development potential of the Internet and digital economy components is still quite large. 

Hanoi to accelerate local goods’ presence on foreign shelves

The city’s investment, trade, and tourism promotion activities will focus on gathering the participation of Vietnamese businesses at home and abroad.

Extending the dream of modernization

The goal of industrialization and modernization of the country to 2020 was set at the 8th National Party Congress in 1996 and it has gone through to the 13th National Party Congress in 2021.

High inflation poses challenges

Large economies such as the US, the major partners of Vietnam, are recovering rapidly, which could bring more trade and investment opportunities to Vietnam. But economists have warned of high inflation.

Persevere with reopening and recovery

After over two months of implementation, Resolution 128 on shifting from the state of epidemic prevention to the stage of "safe and flexible adaptation to the epidemic" has left positive imprints on the economy and socio-psychology.

Government urged to reduce VAT to stimulate economy

The world economy is speeding up while Vietnam’s growth is slowing down. Economists believe that the VAT (value added tax) should be reduced to stimulate demand, because it could result in immediate benefits.

Industrialization: long-term vision needed

Vietnam has set goals on industrialization. The question is what is an industrialized country and who can realize the goal of industrialization. What does the state do, what do businesses do? What are the characteristics of an industrialized country?

Fear beginning to set among new investors

The euphoria among young investors in the last weeks seems to be dying down now, with many F0 investors realising that the stock market is no longer an easy place to reap profits.

National statistical development strategy approved

Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh has recently signed a decision approving the National Statistical Development Strategy for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2045.

A spring losing its elasticity

Some have opined that although the tourism industry has been hit hardest by the pandemic, it can stand up again immediately, just like a compressed spring would return to its former shape when released.