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Technology is changing the retail sector, with artificial intelligence (AI) shaping shopping centers and stores of the future.

Vietnam retail sector to experience a rapid rebound next year

Vietnam’s retail sector is expected to experience a rapid rebound in the year ahead, according to the latest report conducted by Deloitte Vietnam.

Vietnamese tycoons compete with foreign corporations

Vietnamese corporations have asserted their position and strength after many large acquisition deals. Big names are confident about holding onto the domestic market, even knocking out foreign retail giants.

Domestic businesses redraw Vietnam's retail map

Vietnam's retail market has recently recorded strong growth and its excitement is also reflected via the successful deals of injecting capital from foreign investors into potential domestic retailers.


Foreign retailers come, Vietnamese billionaires struggle to survive

The increasing presence of foreign giants has put great pressure on domestic retailers.

More Japanese stores enter Vietnam - Lessons from Hello to Thank You

The local retail market used to have many famous foreign brands. Some have left while others have maintained moderate operations, but many Japanese retail brands have been successful in the market.

Vietnam retail market increasingly attractive to investors

Vietnam’s retail market is becoming a magnet for investors thanks to favourable conditions such as political stability, transparent capital control and large market size.

Technology comes to aid of HCM City small retailers amid COVID challenges

Within a few hours of offering to sell vegetables online, Thanh Truc sold out her stocks and had to refuse orders.

Vietnam’s retail market: global giants unexpectedly fall short

Vietnamese have turned the tables to become dominant in the retail market, while many foreign giants have had to leave.

Domestic retailers realise their potential of retaking Vietnam

The rise of local retailers via mergers and acquisitions is expected to transform the competitive landscape of Vietnam’s retail market, which used to be dominated by foreign investors, and help domestic equivalents complete their ecosystems.

Retail industry strives to exploit US$200-billion market

The Vietnamese market had a spectacular leap in scale last year, becoming one of the 16 most successful emerging economies in the world. In which, the retail sector was extremely attractive and full of potentials, with lots of room for development.

Japanese, Thai retailers compete in $200 billion retail market

After the lockdown this year, shopping malls began to be busy again in the 'new normal' situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exports via foreign retail networks prove fruitful: Official

The export of Vietnamese goods via the distribution networks of foreign retailers has proven to be an effective and sustainable channel, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai told a recent conference in Hanoi.

Modern retail - a pleasing experience

With a market size of more than $60 billion and double-digit growth each year, Vietnam’s retail industry continues to heat up the race between domestic and foreign investors.

Vietnam aims to diversify local retail market

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) plans to consolidate traditional markets in rural areas while developing a large number of convenience stores and diversifying types and methods of modern business.

Why do private investors want to take over Saigon Co-op?

With high revenue of tens of trillions of dong a year and an ROI (return on investment) of 30 percent, Saigon Co-op has drawn the interest of many investors.

Foreign retailers face uphill struggle

Foreign retailers set to make a debut in Vietnam may find themselves in a harsh competitive landscape after the global health crisis.

In Vietnam, retailers reap fruit during COVID-19 period

Big C has reported a 67 percent increase in the number of transactions during the Covid-19 period, while Vinmart saw a 30 percent and Co-opmart 16 percent increase.

Local retailers can seize the lion's share

Vietnamese retail companies are in pole position to seize the lion’s share of the market, especially after some foreign businesses have left the country.


The shifting face of retail in Vietnam

The 2018 retail landscape in Vietnam was more challenging than ever, and the major market chains were trying to adapt quickly to changes to remain relevant.